World history

From Dark Age Redemption

Circa 2000 BM – The Earthmasters Depart
Circa 1000 BM – The Golden Age of Man begins
Circa 300 BM – The Odyssey of Man
242 BM – Four kingdoms of Zeal established

Our Beginnings

As taught by the traveling tutors from the House of Justice, with grace under the banner of Coventry.

Come to me all ye little ones, gather gather for I tell thee all a tale. Welcome ye, master and lord alike. Hear with thine ears, the story of our beginnings. When the wind bellows harsh, we must still ourselves and listen, and when the light dims, our careful eyes must look up! Yes, we focus to the clouds, to the House of Sky where stars are born; first in the heavens, and then, upon Terra our earth.

The House of Sky is the beginning of all things. Before the time of man, he roamed the stars, looking for one to love and hold. Of course, he found one that shined brighter and fairer than all others. To his delight, he named her ‘Terra,’ and in their union, she became the house for creatures great and small. Terra our mother is the creator of all that we see with our eyes, and to Father Sky’s pleasure, nurturer of this domain.

Now now, people like you and I didn’t simply appear after such a revelry! In Terra’s early days, beings called the Earthmasters walked the lands. They were mighty creatures of their own renown, able to shape lands with their creative minds. Terra’s rivers and mountains alike have their own distinct character, and to this day, we acknowledge the ominous places of this world where these beings made their mark. They were indeed as powerful as our own imagination.

Additionally, giants appeared upon Terra that would dwarf the largest of our creatures hideous in our current era. It was an age of dragons.. trolls towering above cathedrals, and fell beasts that could devour man whole. The Earthmasters, being the representation of creation and beauty, went to war with these towering creatures, and through this cataclysmic event, fissure and flood ravaged the world and erased many their realm and trail. Nevertheless, the Earthmasters vanished afterward, and neither dragon nor titan has been seen ever since.

We have called this age the ‘Lost Years.’ While there is no document to guide us through any more specifics from these ages, we do note that at the end of this span, our first ancestors emerged amidst the remnant of beasts bred more similar to that of today. Fear not young lords in the face of danger, for this was to our benefit! Man had to learn to fight and rally alongside one another to survive, grow, and build. The ‘Golden Age’ thus began, the first kingdoms risen and strong. Yet, woe to those who build without inquiry of God, for man had yet to meet him! This is true my friends, and soon enough- storm, stress in the form of invading orcs were upon the golden age. The Golden Age faded and the Odyssey of Man commenced, and those who no longer had the will to fight set out to find a new home.

Therefore, man braved the great seas through toil and danger until they reached new land. It was to their fortune to discover our sister continent, ‘Eridan!’ they named it, and our ancestors began the conquest of its lands. We know the names of Aurelia, the city of marble, and Napeli, city of brass constructed alike. To the south lay the great military fortress of Dudurel, and to the North, the frozen city of Opharon. They called this time the days of Zeal, a wondrous time of invention and prosperity. However, I do wish that I could present fairer tidings as our story continues, but the days of Eridan soon became dark ones. Civil war was upon the four cities, and dare I not forget how the Orcish empire of Khalag swooped in to feast upon the calamity with dreadful haste. These days tell of men praying to false gods and searching for ways to prolong life. To the shame of our forerunners, a great shadow overtook all of Eridan, and the days of Zeal were ending as quickly as they had begun.

Do not fret too long, my dear friends, for from our ancestral shame comes the delivery of our own spiritual flesh and blood. Surely we have heard of the Mercanius the great, the founder of Leanantla! From Eridan he fled with many under his wing, and where we stand now, is due to his discovery. With him came our first narrations from the House of Sky, as he himself was a knight of virtue. Alongside him on the political front was the House of Bratak, and together they founded the capital of Mercia.

Clearly Greycastle stands in place of Mercia presently, with Coventry established by her side in good faith. Both cities remain as fortresses for the new federation, and for good measure. For a more specific narrative of Leanantla’s beginnings, do consult the annals of the noble ruling houses if possible, and keep me not from rambling on! You will find nearly six centuries’ record of the most prestigious genealogies leading to our present day rulership of Greycastle. I will note that it has been a century since the last of our ships attempted to return to the continent of old in attempt to share our revelation of virtue. We thus remain as the symbol of stability and fortitude of light in honor of our God, as the seas have been quiet on our own side as well. May we remember these words as we turn a new chapter in Leanantla’s grace.