Unseen Occult

From Dark Age Redemption


Greycastle 2020/06/23
Lead by the nose of a wolf and a tip from the King's guard, the Godsworn found the Unseen's hideout!
Story Type: Public Event Story
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The Unseen rushed to the steps, drawing steel and shouting 'ambush!'Once fallen, the room was left for cautious eyes and investigation. After all, if they did belong to Dragon, then there would have to be some possibility of whatever power he had being found within.

One room had its share of collected plunder as well as a series of tablets that had single verse messages. Scripture? Of whom? The other presented a mirror affixed to the wall. Upon nearing it, dark forces spewed from it. In seconds, ghosts and shadows were upon the room, repeating:

In Aeternum Morstein.

Whispers of names ...who are they?

A name of occult. A name of noblity and mystery. A Federation name, and perhaps more. Serekiel stared to the mirror, examining it after all was cleared. At that, the mirror was struck-- impacted at the center by some invisible force. It shared into thousands of pieces as Serekiel flinched in response.


The group was left to take down a demonstruck who had found its way from afar to the lair. They would continue on, piecing together the forces that were stirring all things between shapeshifters and thugs being greater than ordinary thugs.