This Is Andal Episode 1

From Dark Age Redemption

Agryis 2020/01/05
From out of the frozen northlands comes a force to attack the Federation fortifications at Agyris. The Heroes of the Federation face off against undead soldiers and ice giants.
Story Type: Major Story
Related Stories: None.

For years, the border to Andal has been sealed. No one in, no one out. While the rumors circulating the lockdown of the borders were many, none could be sure what was happening in the north. Then came the blizzards... for a year storms raged in the north, driving animals and monsters south into Federation lands. When the blizzards finally ended, just a month or two back, the rumors started up anew. Was an attack coming from Andal?

The question was answered when horns sounded in Agryis. An enemy army was advancing!

The defenders of the Federation found the Andalian soldiers were not carrying the colors of Andal. Curious, to be certain. More curious (or more downright horrifying) was the soldiers themselves... not live Andalians, but the walking dead.


Following the undead... and perhaps driving them forward... were waves of Ice Giants, a monster that hasn't been seen this far south in ages.


The defenders of the Federation repulsed the attack, but the victory was a troubling one. Were these attacks coming from the Andalian Empire? Had they embraced necromancy to conquer the Federation? Was there some other evil behind this attack? How is it that Ice Giants have made it this far south?

The rumor mill starts anew...