The Unseen

From Dark Age Redemption


Greycastle 2020/06/11
The Unseen have threatened the king and attempted a jail break to reclaim two of their own from Greycastle's courthouse.
Story Type: Public Event Story
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Bishop Trevyr was merely on his way to the King for consult upon this written threat which again included the mysterious persona of Zachariah Dragon.

What more could the crown do to quell the secrets within the masses? If Casimir had been transparent about his own curriculum, then what was missing? Of course, secrets of ‘their’ own.

He nodded to High Lady Juliet when suddenly, the Unseen began to fill the streets with kryss and daggers drawn. His journey to the keep would be sabotaged by a jail-break attempt. Thugs being thugs until one had dropped a blacklist. It revealed the location of a hideout in the bluffs, which then revealed bodies of slain Portcrossians. They were all Portcrossians in fact.

The Godsworn decide to follow the paper trail after fending the courthouse from the intruders.
All were slain within the hideout. Ghosts were waiting to attack any more visitors.

The report to King Casimir included the involvement of spirits. The Unseen are claiming to have a power that is deadly. As Casimir looked around to the Godsworn at his throne, he took one last look at the Bishop who had previously arrived to keep him safe. ‘The gathered,’ he thought. This was his kingdom, and those concerned before home were of a whole variety of class.

He dare not motion for another execution. The common people had already disputed the legitimacy of a ‘just death.’ They had disputed law in general. For how long did one like Dragon feed their ravenous perceptions? Is this what being a King was like?

He faced the Godsworn.

Casimir hears the report and makes his decision to call Dragon to trial.

“Bring Dragon to trial. If he has something to say, then I will give him one last chance to do it.”