The True Lich Found

From Dark Age Redemption


Skeekrakis, Drearwood 2019/11/27
The Skaven had their hands on a deadly necromancer. The Federation found his lair, and forced their way into Skeekrakis to get him back for questioning.
Story Type: Major Story
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"Defensive Maneuver."

Sitheros lair final.png
Hag2 final.png

That was the explanation given by the Hag whom had been disturbed upon the break-in. The 'blight' had triggered first by Skaven breaking in and capturing the Hags' lord. Following one month, the putrid scent began to leak to the surface, gathering a congregation of corpses that stood still around the memorial.

The Federation found this area in the Drearwood, descending below and laying assault to the necromancy defenses. Sitheros' Hag stopped the hordes, and began to talk within the second cave.

Her lord, Sitheros the Lich, had been taken prisoner by the Skaven for use of his powers and mind. With resolve that such a force could make the Skaven far more deadly than they already are, the Federation went directly to Skeekrakis to find him.

The domain of Skeekrakis continued its fire rituals and drums of war. The Herald Skaven were struck down, and Seekarak made his return for a vicious show-down. He fell, only to be reconstituted into a ball of fire that flew off and way immediately after.

Just then, the quarantined area's walls ripped open, as all rushed to see the disturbance. Undead poured out, ripping the diseased Skaven apart. The bodies that fell were re-animated into skeletons. A necromancer's work was coming to fruition within, and the undead were battled up to a small room.

Marcel Black points his rapier at the lich, who is shackled to the post.

Sitheros the Lich was found inside, shackled to a post. He vowed to tell the 'bad news' regarding Seekarak and Percival Calador, asking though to have the conversation outside. The ambitions within the group varied; 'help with Mother in Drearwood,' 'Percival's whereabouts,' and 'the battle against the Herald.'

And so Sitheros told the story. His hand was forced in Skeekrakis to perform a gruesome operation to remove Percival's heart from his body and transplant it into Seekarak's. Percival's body was then discarded, while Seekarak's acquired the heart of a Godsworn which made him a "better" host for the Herald with regenerative capabilities.

After his offer to teach any scholar how to creative a sedative that would give them opportunity to fell Seekarak and cut out his heart, Sitheros made a quick move at Marcel Black. He punched Marcel, pushing him with great force into a tree. In the blink of an eye, the lich vanished out of sight.

There was much to take in from the ventures. Of course, for the Calador sympathizers, it was a time to process Percival's news along with the consequences of a Godsworn surviving 'death.' For the Mother-worshippers, it was the possibility to pull a solution out of the lich for the death that has choked the Drearwood for years. There were some tokens to take back home from the lair. Sitheros' notes, and strange instruments far from home.

The first cave revealed..

The lich did not own up to previous acts of necromancy in Portcross. He called Fayth and Zafir 'posers' in the service of the 'the nocti.' He was on Leanantla to fight demons, his purpose in life. Finding him again, most likely, would take an appealing story.

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