The Bad Doctor

From Dark Age Redemption

Portcross 626 MR (2019/02/18)
The witch of Portcross showed the world that horrors beyond that of standard criminal brutality existed when powers were left unchecked behind closed doors. By the use of their own vessels, Veronika and Leandra were able to break down Fayth's wards guarding his lair. All of his monstrous experimentations were revealed, as dangerous and wild as they were... The accounts covering his work are extensive...leading all the way to the mystery behind the fate of Zachary Trevelyan.
Story Type: Major Story
Related Stories: None.

The news had spread amongst the lowly and common in Greycastle: Fayth the witch is dead! The horrors of his experiments and threat of his power is no more. By means of a necklace shared between Veronika and Leandra Caliborne, the ward guarding Fayth’s dungeon had been broken, and the brave men of the Federation were able to lay assault to what awaited them below.

The horrors found within turn a page in the chapters of Darkage Redemption. A mutation exists, perhaps amongst many, perhaps amongst few. The ‘witchblooded’ gift, or curse, or whichever-- it is a precursor to manipulating the weave of the world. In simple terms, it is called magic, but at this point, not much more can be said other than that the once hapless doctor was spreading a multi-layered curse: spell-weaving, blood sucking monsters that were maniacal and feral. Indeed, it was even as if he could barely keep them under his rule….

A room of Fayth's converts and ritual work

Fayth was cut down. His staff, his presumed tool of producing and mutilating his creations, was broken in two. His goal toward the ultimate monster of both blood drinking and spell weaving ended. The expedition however, did not end there.

Zachary Trevelyan. His estate in Portcross had been abandoned and vandalized with blood and display of multiple homicide. The mystery of his disappearance from his mansion was revealed at his hideout catacomb separate from the doctor’s. Our strong men met Zachary, the turned reaver. He was aided by waves of his branded lackeys that rose from the surrounding graves. They too, fed off of blood, but they were different. Organized and silent, but perhaps not as strong. Trevelyan however, was a fearsome foe with blood draining regenerative abilities. The battle against him went on and on, until he was cut in two.

It is clear that Zachary Trevelyan was not in consort with Fayth. The commoners of Greycastle remain nervous then, about these witchbloods and what they can really do to another being if left alone to work in secret. And for those who were on this expedition, another dark chasm spews its unpleasant fear.

‘Join our side,’ said Zachary before he fell. ‘Join our side.’

                      Zachary the Reaver in the heat of battle