That Which Breathes, reprise

From Dark Age Redemption


Greycastle 2020/02/08
As allowed by House Calador, Serekiel Ianire led an expedition beneath the Quarry Depths to revisit a relic that had been previously smashed to pieces.
Story Type: Public Event Story
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'That Which Breathes' had been explained by Feylen, the Virdd, as a powerful tool of Lothar in the days of his empire. He told of its vaporous breath being able to lure and hypnotize monsters of 'low intelligence' into war. Although it had been destroyed in the wake of Feylen's rescue from imprisonment, a few characters remained curious of its remains.

When the crew of cave-divers cleared passed the dwellers and began to pick at the rocks that blockaded the entrance to Lothar's domain, Feylen showed up. He warned that dangers within the tunnels below would always persist, but also suggested that perhaps something could be learned, salvaged, and used. For in these times, the pieces of the ancients could be picked up and used for good.

What did he have in mind?

Serekiel and the Vales address a tear in Lothar's archway while Kaine stands at the guard.

The relic was eventually reached after traversing the familiar mazes and puzzles. It was a study for sure, especially with its changes and loss of colors? Some where fascinated and curious, and others held dominated by a deep sense of caution. The waters surrounding the relic had been blackened true. With demons looming from old wounds to the area, it did not by any one's eyes look safe.

Sandryne Vale gives the relic careful study.

Against the dominating census of leaving the remains untouched, Serekiel found an opening and stepped into the center of the artifact and collected a few pieces. Following her daring act, the towers of the relic began to break down. The disturbances of each breaking piece splashed into the void-water, sending more and more shadows into Terra. The captain ushered everyone to get out, himself seeing that everyone had found the exit in front of him.

It was a new prospect for the adventurers to use an ancient token, called 'Shiil,' as collected by the few, for a good cause. Feylen awaited their return, and validated the efforts as worthwhile.

Thus ends this chapter of Lothar's domain.