Skeekrakis, Herald-Charged

From Dark Age Redemption

Elsewhere 2019/11/19
Skeekrakis was paid a visit by the Federation to hunt down the chief who has turned the Skaven city into a place of worship to the Herald.
Story Type: Major Story
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As our players ventured in, Skeekrakis presented several 'zones' that exemplified Skaven lifestyle and ambition.

The Skaven fish chefs have been slain within their storage

The most notable of places, possibly, was the evacuated room that was full of torture devices, coffins, and a bed. The sight of the room sent Juliet Calador into a rage. The Skaven sneered the name, "Percyyy," as Juliet demanded information on his whereabouts. The room did not display practices or items of good nature by any means.

Juliet enter's a room that is believed to had been where Percival Calador stayed while on business.

From there, our heroes cut their way to the main stage. The drums of war began to beat, and fires set the temple ablaze. Walls rose up from the ground, closing the brave within the outer cloister. Seekarak, the chief who had been taunting from the shadows, revealed himself. Running into the fray, his body was set ablaze. Herald-touched Skaven followed him, and bloodshed was followed up by fire-immolation.

Seekarak Boss Fight.png

Seekarak was felled. He rose again. He fell again. His body repaired, and he sauntered off while the victorers came to a blood circle and ankh. The Queen was adamant in instructing none to enter the circle. The story here on, becomes unclear:

Lady Juliet Calador attempted to 'cleanse' the circle with a key. Soon after, some say they saw an angel. Others saw fires engulfing the angel. Some saw nothing at all.

Juliet Calador's efforts were rejected, but the circle mysteriously waned, and disappeared..

To some, Skeekrakis had much more to tell about what the Skaven, in their hundreds of years existing, had been up to. Others went straight to the Raider's Outpost to demand more answers about Percival Calador.

Chirri from the outpost coughed up another name from Juliet's intense slew of questions. The Skaven spoke of the legendary 'Sitheros' having been found from the Drearwood. Seekarak wanted an edge, perhaps, in his volatile journey to power.

Kaine carries his wife out of the cave following her onslaught of questions to Chirri at the Raider's Outpost.