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Greycastle 2020/05/11
Moon was found in the Oasis per directive of Queen Leandra Peredhil. So who is she?
Story Type: Personal Story
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The Greycastle Keep:

She scampered in panic to the corner of her room at the Greycastle Keep, panting as the commotion in Greycastle picked up.

"To arms! To arms! The Queen is in danger!"

Her breathing escalated, the anxiety racing. She dashed behind an armoire, hiding in the safety of her room while brave men and woman ran to face the demons that were pouring into the world by the magics of Maokai Tra'ahma. It was all too much like Portcross again; the bodies floating in the pool. Slaughtered. No mercy.


Moon was born in Portcross and was raised as a servant girl to the Temple of one called 'Haelyn.' She saw the place as some sort of pleasure palace; pools, massages, incense, and private rooms for the things left to secrecy. She aged through it and loved meeting the Andalian women who were escorted by a man who would never reveal his face to her.

"You have finally arrived, child. We have been waiting." The women of Andal began to spread the news to the courtesans and servants. She began to wonder how long they had known-- that she had dreams and visions far outside of normal. In these dreams she saw a mirror of herself often, yet all the while unpleasantly behind a cage in a world of darkness. And then on the 'other side' she saw a man who was engulfed in flames atop a glacier. She was 'supposed' to meet him.

The prophets longed for her to tell them more. She had to take breaks though after so many questions. All of the important stuff before a girl who desired to mature and grow, and just be herself despite the sheltering fame. By age twelve, she found out that a community was preparing to officially canonize a manual of worship onto -her-. That is, until the mystery escort man came with a group of men in blue capes and killed anyone he saw in the streets on Portcross Major.

Moon got away with her life, only to hide once again from the red flesh eating angels that came and destroyed -everything-. She could not look at them. She could not stand them. She hid in a tomb beneath the Oasis to survive, but after enough time had passed, Queen Leandra Peredhil led a team to the Oasis to find her.

In Greycastle: She agreed to help Leandra Peredhil solve the mysteries of the Peredhil family in exchange for a few things: drink, friends, and the ability to get on with her life. She snuck off and went to Dale for a beer during the good Queen's funeral.

Moon tries to start a 'friendship tab' with Dale

Upon arriving back, she saw that the Andalian women whom the late Sirion had offered asylum had vacated the premise. The very women who foretold of her purpose were gone. It was just her now.

Moon. 'Daughter of Haelyn'