Death of a Monster

From Dark Age Redemption

Elsewhere 2019/12/17
The immortal monster called Charlotte DeMarkov has been terrorizing the Federation for years. After a long battle and months of effort tracking her down, Charlotte is found and slain.
Story Type: Major Story
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Charlotte DeMarkov is... was... a Noctii. The word itself is all but unknown among the populace of the Federation, yet those "in the know" have heard it said over and over. The Noctii: immortal creatures that subsist on human blood. Rumor is that Charlotte was responsible for Hallvardr's treachery. That she is the one that got Magda into so much trouble. That she was working with the madman known as "Fayth"... and after that, the liche called Zafir.

Charlotte's manipulations ran deep, touching almost every part of the Federation. The full extent of her work, conducted over a century, has yet to be seen.

Months back, word spread that Charlotte had been injured in the attack on Blackmount, wherein the whole of the Academy (who were worshiping demons?!) were slaughtered. Wounded and unable to move as she once had, the search for her began. Just a week back, a previously known fortress had been found. Had it been there the whole time? Or was there some sort of magic that was hiding it from Federation eyes?

The Federation's forces broke into the fortress and found the fire-worshiping Minotaurs guarding the place. They had thought to have been killed, when the volcano near Greycastle had erupted. Yet, here they were... keeping human prisoners and collecting blood. After the Minotaurs were defeated and the prisoners freed, the Federation made plans to go back to the fortress.

With a magic-user in tow, the Federation discovered a warded secret passageway in the fortress. Its defenses were strong, and so the forces retreated until a plan could be formed.

With a gathering of mages and an old Priory energy source, the troop set back out to find - and slay - Charlotte.


Across the sea the forces of the Federation went.

Is that a unicorn?

Arriving in the jungles south of Portcross, the Federation forces breached the Minotaurs forces and went into the depths of the frotress. Waves of enemies poured upon them, but they held strong.


Soon, the warded doorway was found. The magic weavers in the party set to work channeling the energies of the Priory crystals to dismantle Charlotte's walls. Risking their own lives, they were able to tear down the wards, and with it, the wall. They soon found themselves in a ... dungeon? A laboratory? A place of nightmares.


The party found Charlotte. She delivered to them a dire warning... The Queen of Sorrow is coming.


That, she claimed, was why she had done all she had. What did this mean? Was it not but a distraction, an attempt to justify her actions before her death? It hardly mattered... a fight was had, and after a long, vicious battle, Charlotte was struck down. More prisoners were freed and a cache of magical items was found. It was a victory, without a doubt.


Questions still remain. Had Charlotte really been behind all that? What did she mean about the Queen of Sorrow? Would her blood, captured by the alchemists in the party, prove to be the cure to the Nocti-curse? So many questions... yet the heroes of Leanantla can be certain that Charlotte herself will no longer prey upon the land.