Come Clean

From Dark Age Redemption


Drearwood 2020/02/04
[[StorySummary::Tethirr, Skaven of the Horde, deflected from Skeekrakis and revealed the location of the slain High Lord Percival Calador.

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Story Type: Personal Story
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Come clean, mice and men.

“Have you seen a demonstruck before?” “He must already be dead.”

The cries of one Skaven within the Drear was finally confirmed. Tethirr, the Voice of The Horde, lay in Chirri’s arms at the Dayraider camp. His tongue had been forcibly removed, Chirri coddling him to soothe his wounds and aching spirit. “Shuss Tethirr, shuss!”

She pieced together Tethirr's predicament as the Federation arrived to the camp, watching her friend bleed out in her arms. Chirri cursed all things relating ‘Seekarak,’ who had abused his fellow chieftain to the point of running away from home. His wailing, too loud, eventually gave away his position. Seekarak’s loyalists found their deserter, and the Federation drew steel to fend off the attack of fire and rat together.

Back into the cave after the fighting stopped, Chirri wiped her tears, standing above the lifeless body of Tethirr. Turning to Juliet Calador, she carelessly threw a bag on the ground. Gems spilled out when the bag hit the floor—the slain Chitkarra’s gems — and Chirri hissed between clenched teeth the story of the demise of all Skaven who stood in Seekarak's way.

Tethirr’s death was not taken in vain, however. Chirri held out between her nails an etched diamond, telling a Skaven story through her own misery: a skaven tracks their treasure through etched stones, so that in case they were to perish, the treasure would never be lost. She passed the etched diamond to Juliet and turned away to mourn.

As the party left the cave to follow their new lead, the welcoming daylight gave way to an ominous event. Around the bend of the mountain, a cloud of fire floated toward the Drearwood. Awaiting it was a black plume that hovered in stasis. The two masses clashed, hanging suspended over a certain area to where the diamond trail led the Federation. The hovering plume created a mystique of light and darkness, and within its cover were three nearly naked specimen who aggressed into the killing of all things nearby with no relent.

When struck down, their bodies twitched and convulsed. One even recovered its strength fully and had to be ‘put down again.’ This, so unsightly, is demonstruck potential, drawn out of the ground by unknown intervention. Dutifully perhaps, they were surrounding what would be the horrifying burial site of High Lord Percival Calador.

Juliet Percy'sGrave final.png

He emerged from the soil with great physical strength after his containment had been loosened by his sister's efforts with a shovel. His violent uprising nearly knocked Kaine over, as all stood before what seemed to be a ghast of a man. Juliet, already suffering ailments of her own, could only watch as her brother stammered away in a stupor, falling to the ground.

It was really only the beginning of the end of the High Lord. Some would first note how dead he appeared; untrimmed nails, long grey beard, and suffocated skin. Others debated about the wound he had received in his chest . Atop his babbling and blabbering, Juliet Calador approached him, whispered into his ear, and stabbed him in the gut. It was the epitome of a house corrupt, and perhaps Juliet's only option toward her lost lion of a brother.

Only a select few could tell you where they took High Lord Percival Calador after binding him up. The Vigil last saw a company leading the bounded man southward toward Portcross, but when they returned, Percival was not among them.