Casimir Can Kill

From Dark Age Redemption


Greycastle 2020/06/13
Zachariah Dragon was brought to trial in Greycastle. We didn't even get to a sentencing ...
Story Type: Minor Story
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The King had made his decision: “Bring Dragon to court. Let him speak and then be done with him.” The weight of this decision contained unsuspecting burdens. This man had attempted insurrection following the rebuild, and apparently had gained such a traction with the free peoples that Casimir wouldn’t even dare disclose the man’s location.

Bishop Trevyr called all to rise as the King entered and took his seat. His sentinel stood beside him. At his word, the vagabond was brought up from the cells, wearing a brown robe. Following the Bishop’s outline, Dragon was given a chance to speak. ‘Leader of the free peoples’ he coined himself,


speaking confidently despite having his hands shackled behind his back. He turned to address the crowd. He dished out criticisms to all that had been withheld from the peoples; the demons, the Godsworn, the King. All of them were crumbling foundations that were deserving of assassination and ultimately, removal.

Dragon’s indoor address began to bring a competing outdoor protest. Things began to heat up in the room as Dragon persisted with his creed.


“The only trustees are those who don’t execute the living. Who don’t bury them. Those who don’t stand on secrets..”

The convict kneeled to the floor as the Bishop demanded he stand up to face his sentencing. Dragon began to laugh, rising upright and turning toward Casimir. As the shouting ensued both indoors and out, Dragon’s shouts turned to spirits projecting from his mouth. While the Bishop pleaded for the King’s Sentinel to intervene, she could only hold still until Casimir gave order. The air was pulled out of the room as split second decisions were at hand.

Spirits leaped from the floors from Dragon’s position as Casimir stood up with his sword drawn. He took a good swing at the approaching criminal, severing head from body in a clean cut.

“Casimir!” Cried out the Bishop.

The body fell to the floor, lifeless, as ghosts filled the room and began to assault all in attendance. The Sentinel ran to shield her lord as Casimir stood over the body.

“Casimir, get out of here! Run!”

All were in arms to clear the court house. They chased the ghosts out of existence, coming outside to find the rioters within their own microcosm of shouting. Amongst them were unseen, waiting to pounce. The Bishop urged all to go home and to take safety.

It was unfortunately true though. The Unseen were only after the godsworn. The Bishop ran to the keep to see to His Majesty, first about the death of Dragon. Second would be the uncanny appearance of demonstruck following the kill. A fear tactic, or getting what they deserved?

Two study the body of Dragon while the masses outside are quelled.