Assembly of Peers - Mar 2019

From Dark Age Redemption

Greycastle 2019/03/31
The King calls the Peers of the Realm to a meeting. Appointments are made, news is shared, and, most importantly, the King announces his permanent relocation to Greycastle. Things in the Federation are changing.
Story Type: Major Story
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Many things were introduced this night... A new Knight Commander of the Steel Wardens (Dame Rebekka Green), the return of Bishop Montt, the King's call to create a Trade Guild. There was talk of demons and punishment and... wells.


But for the Federation, the biggest change is the activity of King Sirion. The Federation was created as a gathering of the Powers That Be, led by House Firsprin's diplomatic might and House Peredhil's military might. It was based on a compromise and a carefully constructed sharing of power. The High Houses ruled over Greycastle and most of the Federation, while the King stayed in Coventry and served as a figurehead. Times are changing. As noble houses fall, King Sirion and House Peredhil has grown powerful and bold, while the Steel Wardens (an order of Knights dedicated to Justice) have been granted an entire island.

What will come next for the Federation?