Amalgamation: The Year

From Dark Age Redemption


Greycastle 2020/06/07
It's the King and the two forces that saved him one year ago. He should keep them close.
Story Type: Public Event Story
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To Be Teloth

There are some in the Federation who have accepted the duty to take care of Terra. They call her 'Mother,' and she calls them 'Teloth.'

To the outsiders, these Teloth may be a cheeky bunch who bathe in springs and lay in open fields to soak in nature's bliss. However, within their group is a sacred passage to groves of Terra that channel nature's powerful energies of old.

The Federation takes a respite after fending off diseased swamp creatures that crossed the channel into the burial grounds.

The Teloth have heard ancient stories of Terra's history. They have sought for the Morae, or messengers who bring Terra's news from her children near and far. And, the more they learn, the more they seek to repair the wounds and re-set the scars that have changed her.

Theirs is a special power.

After pouring curatives into the swamp to heal their disease, ents and spirits came forward to investigate the remaining danger.

The healed ents push the "divinely" severed statue into the water. Good bye demon statue!

No one messes with the Teloth!

In the year passed, the dark one who has disturbed Greycastle's history of tribes has neared. Dear Teloth, have you paid attention to the King's captor?

The Sentients





A quartet of demonic beings emerged way back from the time of the Nightraiders. Who were they, and where did they come from? Where they one being, or many?

They outfitted their interactions with deals and bargains for loyalty in exchange for world knowledge to the curious. They could do things: give one more power or change another. Yet, when push came to shove, they had an inbred purpose tied to their name. And like all demons, they longed for a feeling of belonging and purpose.

When one Sentient died, the next in line came forth. All the way through the years onto the last one. Regicide announced his arrival at the Grand Ball.

Sentient 1.png

He sent clones of himself upon the city: a means to the King and Queen Regent by raising arms against all. Was that truly his idea, or another?

The clones were upon the keep. They were cut humans?

At the cistern of the day raider's cave, Regicide showed more of his origins. Experimentation with the void, nocti, and Terra. They all mixed in together, much like Portcross' trio of bad guys .. and that means it was Charlotte Demarkov. She had done this and let the playthings frolic.

The trees are a mark of Terra..and the demonic nature the sentient ... oh how abusively malicious Regicide was!

Frolic time has ended. Regicide is done for. King Casimir was found.

The divine acolytes bounded Regicide to an orb. His face burst into flames as he resisted while his body chained down by divine threads.

King Casimir

Within the world of his prison by some dark creature, the prince boy grew into a man. Before his rescuers following the death of One, and then onto all of the attendees at the keep following one year, he told his story.

He was kidnapped before he could remember, and only learned from inside his distant prison that his ancestors had been cursed by a powerful being. The corruption within this prison aged him, all the while he ingested the writings of his earliest known ancestor. A prior captive of Peredhil blood inscribed on papyrus what true nobility was. What royalty was, and what a Federation's glory would have been had he more time.

Casimir was nursed to health by the Regents once saved, and then was given the crown due to him. His experience in formal affairs was low, despite appearing like a man who had seen everything the world could possibly throw at him. He put few things to priority: He had to find some semblance of Mercia from the throne. He had to see the church grow, and his patronage respect him.

All had been well, until one decided peace was over. He was threatened from afar, and diffused the scene hastily. Zachariah Dragon, are you really who you say you are? Do you want to die? What do you want with me and my people?

A trial was pending ..and perhaps Casimir could not continue to relocate the criminal...not without consequences...

Dragon's life becomes more of a liability as he's kept around. What power does he have, even from inside the cell?