A Surge of Branded

From Dark Age Redemption

Portcross 2019/11/26
Who let the dogs out....again!?
Story Type: Minor Story
Related Stories: None.

Following rumours of problems escalating in Portcross, Captain Merlion Malte of the Steel Wardens took down a small team to investigate.

Upon arriving to the ferry on Portcross Minor, a guard reported her decision to shut down the ferry to avoid a branded uprising from making it across the channel. From across the water, shouting could be heard.

Once across, the Federation met an onslaught of branded. "To arms!" shouted the dock guardsmen, as the armed criminals poured in. It was a moment of utter disbelief. 'How could so many branded get away and revolt like this?' It was to no one's glory or pride to have to cut down the men and women who attacked.

The Federation holds firm at the docks as the branded attack

The rest of the branded shouted from the city. "Po-wer! Po-wer! Po-wer!" They overthrew a Warden within the city, awaiting a final fight in the streets.

Branded rush out of Portcross Major to meet the Wardens

When the bloodshed was over, Skylark the Portcrossian was caught trying to slip away. The four Godsworn blocked him within a room, gathering the information they needed. They especially took their time in confirming that he had no part in the trouble that had just ensued.

Kaine and Merlion interrogate a potential suspect while Brother Bryn and Samuel guard the door.

Was this Giles Bratak's doing? Skylark indicated that hooded man held meetings at the temple from time to time and tied colorful sashes on the door handles. 'Some Wardens didn't show up to work today, 'said Skylark as he closed out his complaining. To this, Captain Kaine leaned to the Captain of Portcross and informed him: "This is not the first time this has happened."

The investigation continues...