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This is a collection of the Stories of Dark Age: Redemption.

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Recent Major Stories

Here are the most recent Major Stories (Staff-ran stories, events, etc). For a complete list, see Major Stories here.

Assembly of Peers - Mar 2019 (Major)

Greycastle - 2019/03/31
Participants: Calderon Draven, Cameron Winters, Ethan of Blackmount, Kaine, Rebekka Green, Sashana Sinclair, Uther Drake, Marguerite Draven, Giraud Brune, Lady Leandra Caliborne
The King calls the Peers of the Realm to a meeting. Appointments are made, news is shared, and, most importantly, the King announces his permanent relocation to Greycastle. Things in the Federation are changing.

The Bad Doctor (Major)

Portcross - 2019/02/18
Participants: Sashana Sinclair, Kaine, Lord Calderon Draven, Sandryne Vale, Marguerite Draven, Lady Leandra Caliborne
The witch of Portcross showed the world that horrors beyond that of standard criminal brutality existed when powers were left unchecked behind closed doors. By the use of their own vessels, Veronika and Leandra were able to break down Fayth's wards guarding his lair. All of his monstrous experimen...

Firsprins Epic Party (Major)

Greycastle - 2019/03/24
Participants: Bryn Cotter, Donovan Montclair, Kaine, Sandryne Vale, Lord Calderon Draven, Sashana Sinclair
High Lord Adrian Firsprin invites one and all to a celebration of his victory at Agryis. During this event, the High Lord is slain by Alice Wolfe aka Malice, Muse's servant. The party is then pulled into Muse's dream world, and only saved by when a Virrd intervenes... whatever that is!

Retaking Agryis, Pt 1 (Major)

Agryis - 2019/03/10
Participants: Kaine, Bryn Cotter, Lord Calderon Draven
House Firsprin and House Draven led a Federation force out from the River Outpost north, to Agryis. After some strange things... was that an explosion? And what was with the burning meat? ... The Federation retakes the Agryis' Western Outpost.

The Outpost (Major)

Greycastle - 2019/01/01
The outpost is one of many efforts by the Federation to authorize border control and protect Greycastle from highway robbers. High Lord Percival Calador commissioned able hands to gather the materials needed to have such built. Another outpost similar in nature borders the route to Portcross, altho...

The Virtues Revealed (Major)

Leanantla - 2019/03/01
The Virtues are separated into three categories: Wisdom, Justice, and Power. The three paths are separate ways to worship of God, although none know which of them is the most true. Players who invest in seeking these virtues have uncovered various secrets in the world where worship once took place...

Concerned Peasants (Major)

Greycastle - 2019/02/19
More often than not, rumors get passed onto the common folk of Greycastle like a common cold, and the reactions invoke disturbances that go public. These subjects that stir anxiety include reactions to witches and people who bring too much of the dangerous outside world too close to home.

Recent Other Stories

Here are the other stories, including Minor Stories (Stories told by players, or related to the Major Stories), Personal Stories, and Public Events. For a complete list, see All Stories

King Peredhil's Visit to Verdant Point (Minor)

Greycastle - 2019/04/06
Participants: Marguerite Draven, Marcellus Morstein, Sashana Sinclair, Giraud Brune, Lady Leandra Caliborne
King Sirion Peredhil stops by Verdant Point, home to Great House Draven, during a tour of Greycastle and the surrounding lands.

The Call of Power (Personal)

Elsewhere - 2019/04/07
Participants: Magnus
After a painful lesson in Strength, Magnus is sent to the Shrine of Power. There, he's given a new path... and fire. Lots of fire.

Where does strength lie? (Personal)

Elsewhere - 2019/04/05
Participants: Hallvardr Vardkenson
Hallvardr feels the call to return to the volcano. There, he sees... himself? God? He doesn't know, but the mission given is clear. Find a particular man and show him where strength truly comes from.

Taking Darkness (Minor)

Elsewhere - 2019/04/05
Participants: Lila Fyr
The Teloth set out to aid one of their own... and must request the help of a dark presence to do so. The White Tree helps, but that help comes at a price.

Blessing The Well (Minor)

Greycastle - 2019/04/04
Participants: Artura Nemoris, Giraud Brune, Li'litu, Marguerite Draven, Oliver Vale, Sandryne Vale, Sashana Sinclair
After a foul demonic ritual was conducted in the cavern beneath the well just south of Greycastle's gates, the Church sets out to bless the well, and ensure its waters are not tainted.

Trokti, trokti... (Minor)

Greycastle - 2019/04/03
Participants: Marcellus Morstein, Sashana Sinclair, Giraud Brune
While visiting with her parents, Sashana and Marcellus learn that Sashana's father might know the source of the group that has summoned the Troktika. The investigation reveals the house that the "cultists" seemed to be using, along with the corpse of Jimmy Turner, a local.

The Minervan Conclave Assembles (Minor)

Greycastle - 2019/03/06
Participants: Adrian Firsprin, Ethan of Blackmount, Calderon Draven, Dame Fionna Bennett, Sandryne Vale, Oliver Vale, Artura Nemoris, Cameron Winters
Scholar Ethan of Blackmount joined High Lord Adrian Firsprin and many citizens for assembly of the Conclave. Topics discussed included Muse, the division of magic, Doctor Fayth, and strange occurrences in Drearwood. This marks the first presence of Blackmount within Greycastle.

Vigil For The Knight Commander (Minor)

Coventry - 2019/03/26
Participants: Artura Nemoris, Kaine, Dame Fionna Bennett, Sandryne Vale, Oliver Vale, Juliet Vayne-Calador, Bryn Cotter, Marcellus Morstein, Sashana Sinclair, Dara, Calderon Draven
The late Knight Commander Ser Alexander Trebich is memorialized at Coventry for his service to the Federation.

Agrysian Blood under a Grey Viel (Personal)

Agryis,Greycastle - 2018/11/20
Participants: Artura Nemoris, Li'litu
Li'litu's personal account of a fall in Agryis and the year that followed in mourning.

Knighting of Fionna (Personal)

Greycastle - 2019/03/22
Participants: Dame Fionna Bennett
Fionna Bennett is knighted by High Lord Percival, in the name of House Calador.