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This is a collection of the Stories of Dark Age: Redemption.

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Recent Major Stories

Here are the most recent Major Stories (Staff-ran stories, events, etc). For a complete list, see Major Stories here.

The True Lich Found (Major)

Skeekrakis,Drearwood - 2019/11/27
The Skaven had their hands on a deadly necromancer. The Federation found his lair, and forced their way into Skeekrakis to get him back for questioning.

This Is Andal Episode 1 (Major)

Agryis - 2020/01/05
Participants: Dyne Tamnaier, Kaine, Ulvarg Rimhyle, Lady Leandra Caliborne, Luke Ryder, Oliver Vale, Sandryne Vale, Saparra
From out of the frozen northlands comes a force to attack the Federation fortifications at Agyris. The Heroes of the Federation face off against undead soldiers and ice giants.

Death of a Monster (Major)

Elsewhere - 2019/12/17
Participants: Dyne Tamnaier, Kaine, Merlion Malte, Oliver Vale, Sandryne Vale
The immortal monster called Charlotte DeMarkov has been terrorizing the Federation for years. After a long battle and months of effort tracking her down, Charlotte is found and slain.

Wolves Amongst Wolves (Major)

Portcross - 2019/11/30
It was a dismal day for Portcross. A final uprising of branded and a defection of Steel Wardens to Andal in order to follow the inexplicable path of the traitor Giles Bratak cost many lives.

Skeekrakis, Herald-Charged (Major)

Elsewhere - 2019/11/19
Participants: Kaine, High Lady Juliet Calador, Dyne Tamnaier, Marcellus Morstein
Skeekrakis was paid a visit by the Federation to hunt down the chief who has turned the Skaven city into a place of worship to the Herald.

Meeting of the Six Skaven Clans (Major)

Unknown - 2019/07/23
Participants: Krissthirr: Verminlord of the Pustulants, Seekarak: Clan Chief of the Skulkers, Milkeye: Seeker of the Blinded Eye, Skulvid the Lesser: Clan Chief of the Scalpers, Chirri "Warpgrinder": Clan Chief of the Arcanists, Tethirr: Voice of the Clanless Horde
Something is amiss in the wilds. The activity of the Skaven has… changed somehow. Leaders of the six clans of Skaven meet to discuss the future of their people.

(Note: This is out of character information, and is for cinematic purposes only.) That Which Breathes (Major)

Greycastle - 2019/10/26
The Federation joined the call of House Vale, hacking through the deep dwellers of the Quarry to uncover a relic that was deep within.

Recent Other Stories

Here are the other stories, including Minor Stories (Stories told by players, or related to the Major Stories), Personal Stories, and Public Events. For a complete list, see All Stories

Casimir Can Kill (Minor)

Greycastle - 2020/06/13
Zachariah Dragon was brought to trial in Greycastle. We didn't even get to a sentencing ...

Moon (Personal)

Greycastle - 2020/05/11
Moon was found in the Oasis per directive of Queen Leandra Peredhil. So who is she?

Come Clean (Personal)

Drearwood - 2020/02/04
Tethirr, Skaven of the Horde, deflected from Skeekrakis and revealed the location of the slain High Lord Percival Calador.

[Suggested summary of plot: ] A Surge of Branded (Minor)

Portcross - 2019/11/26
Participants: Bryn Cotter, Kaine, Samuel Reinhardt, Merlion Malte
Who let the dogs out....again!?

A dialogue: Ancient Stones (Personal)

Drearwood - 2019/11/12
Following the escort of Chirri's peaceful Skaven to the Raider Outpost, a small group gathered before a large ankh that was rooted into the ground with stones and small flames surrounding it. Calderon Draven chose to smash the ankh, releasing energy that triggered several 'magical' reactions.

Portcross Fields, Blight Research Part II (Minor)

Portcross - 2019/10/12
Participants: Vera Aguilar, Eugene Spinster, Sandryne Vale, Dyne Tamnaier, Oliver Vale, Merlion Malte
The Research into the Blight that plagues the fields of Portcross Minor continues once more!

The researchers better prepared, dug into the soil and discovered source of the Blight! Or atleast a part of it... But there is still much work to be done, the soil still hasn't been cleansed and there migh... Portcross Fields, Blight Research Part I (Minor)

Portcross - 2019/09/15
Participants: Vera Aguilar, Eugene Spinster, Sandryne Vale, Dyne Tamnaier, Jane Reynolds
The Research into the Blight that plagues the fields of Portcross Minor continues.

This time with gathering of samples and information from one of the fields.

The researchers dug into the soil, revealing something very wrong with the earth. They had to leave to come back another day, better equippe... The Blackmount Reach Trolls (Minor)

Agryis,Andal - 2019/08/25
Participants: Ulvarg Rimhyle, Luke Ryder, Sandryne Vale, Oliver Vale, Eugene Spinster
A new brood of trolls were sighted in the woods near Greycastle -- exhausted from a long flight and clearly injured.

Lesson 1568: Context (Minor)

Portcross - 2019/08/19
Participants: Quinlan Reid
Quinlan attempts to impart an important lesson to her niece regarding context.

Teloth gather (Minor)

Elsewhere - 2019/08/18
The Teloth gather at the at the appointed time. To Taje the Drearwood Vircle away from the Dark Forces fir a time.