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This is a collection of the Stories of Dark Age: Redemption.

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Recent Major Stories

Here are the most recent Major Stories (Staff-ran stories, events, etc). For a complete list, see Major Stories here.

The Morae Reborn (Major)

Elsewhere - 2019/09/30
Participants: Ulvarg Rimhyle, Luke Ryder, Virgle, Calwyn Leif, Lila Fyr
A ritual in the High Wood has seen the grove there bolstered... and the strange woman that wandered into Greycastle years ago has gotten even stranger.

A Slow Hot Wind (Major)

Greycastle - 2019/09/30
The Federation is changing... slowly, then all too quick at once.

The most of the law regarding Noble Privilege has been struck down.

Magi, who just a year ago didn't exist, are being asked to register.

Things are changing, and not everyone is sure it's for the better. Meeting of the Six Skaven Clans (Major)

Unknown - 2019/07/23
Participants: Krissthirr: Verminlord of the Pustulants, Seekarak: Clan Chief of the Skulkers, Milkeye: Seeker of the Blinded Eye, Skulvid the Lesser: Clan Chief of the Scalpers, Chirri "Warpgrinder": Clan Chief of the Arcanists, Tethirr: Voice of the Clanless Horde
Something is amiss in the wilds. The activity of the Skaven has… changed somehow. Leaders of the six clans of Skaven meet to discuss the future of their people.

(Note: This is out of character information, and is for cinematic purposes only.) The Death of Bishop Montt (Major)

Coventry - 2019/05/04
Participants: Bishop Montt, Bryn Cotter
While in a secretive meeting with one of his monks, Bishop Montt is struck down by a mysterious assassin. God bless the Bishop. God bless the Federation.

Fayth's Legacy (Major)

Portcross - 2019/05/28
The saga of the horrific experiments conducted on living organisms in the dungeon of Portcross Major has continued down a long and smoky road. Once Doctor Fayth and Zachary Trevelyan were killed, a new face emerged, known as 'Zafir.' It has been clear that his work involved the combination of what...

Retaking Agryis Pt 5 (Major)

Agryis - 2019/05/30
Participants: Kaine, Hallvardr Vardkenson, Marguerite Draven, Lady Leandra Caliborne, Marcellus Morstein, Artura Nemoris, Lucas Wyatt, Jane Reynolds, Dame Fionna Bennett, Oliver Vale, Giraud Brune, Ahlrada, Sashana Sinclair, Bryn Cotter, Andraste Morstein
The Nightraiders have surrendered. The Federation comes together to escort the prisoners and the innocent refugees out of Agryis and through the Drearwood to the safety of Federation lands.

Retaking Agryis - Part IV (Major)

Agryis - 2019/05/14
Participants: Ahlrada, Andraste Morstein, Calderon Draven, Jane Reynolds, Lady Leandra Caliborne, Marcellus Morstein, Marguerite Draven, Sashana Sinclair, Virgle
Federation forces, led by a joint effort between House Draven and House Morstein, gathered for another push against the restless undead and the Nightraiders still firmly entrenched in their ill-gotten stronghold. Along the way, the liberators found a curious stone - and a journal containing cryptic ...

Recent Other Stories

Here are the other stories, including Minor Stories (Stories told by players, or related to the Major Stories), Personal Stories, and Public Events. For a complete list, see All Stories

Portcross Fields, Blight Research Part II (Minor)

Portcross - 2019/10/12
Participants: Vera Aguilar, Eugene Spinster, Sandryne Vale, Dyne Tamnaier, Oliver Vale, Merlion Malte
The Research into the Blight that plagues the fields of Portcross Minor continues once more!

The researchers better prepared, dug into the soil and discovered source of the Blight! Or atleast a part of it... But there is still much work to be done, the soil still hasn't been cleansed and there migh... Portcross Fields, Blight Research Part I (Minor)

Portcross - 2019/09/15
Participants: Vera Aguilar, Eugene Spinster, Sandryne Vale, Dyne Tamnaier, Jane Reynolds
The Research into the Blight that plagues the fields of Portcross Minor continues.

This time with gathering of samples and information from one of the fields.

The researchers dug into the soil, revealing something very wrong with the earth. They had to leave to come back another day, better equippe... The Blackmount Reach Trolls (Minor)

Agryis,Andal - 2019/08/25
Participants: Ulvarg Rimhyle, Luke Ryder, Sandryne Vale, Oliver Vale, Eugene Spinster
A new brood of trolls were sighted in the woods near Greycastle -- exhausted from a long flight and clearly injured.

Lesson 1568: Context (Minor)

Portcross - 2019/08/19
Participants: Quinlan Reid
Quinlan attempts to impart an important lesson to her niece regarding context.

Teloth gather (Minor)

Elsewhere - 2019/08/18
The Teloth gather at the at the appointed time. To Taje the Drearwood Vircle away from the Dark Forces fir a time.

Hungry Like The Wolf (Minor)

Greycastle - 2019/06/07
Participants: Kaine, Oliver Vale, Sandryne Vale, Marguerite Draven
A pack of wolves abandoned by their master goes feral and starts attacking Greycastle's citizens! A group rallies to cull the beasts.

Draven and Morstein tie the knot (Personal)

Coventry - 2019/06/01
Participants: Andraste Morstein, Calderon Draven, Marguerite Draven, Marcellus Morstein, Alphonse Volk, Kaine, Frederick Calador, Juliet Vayne-Calador, Jane Reynolds, Oliver Vale, Sandryne Vale, Sashana Sinclair, Lady Leandra Caliborne
Lord Calderon Draven and Lady Andraste Morstein were married at the church in Coventry. Lady Leandra Caliborne officiated the ceremony.

Retaking Agryis Pt 3 (Minor)

Agryis - 2019/05/03
As House Draven continues to advance and control Agryis, they have established a base for their soldiers within the outer circle. From here, the troops ensure the undead do not get too wily, and that the Nightraiders (still holed up inside) do not escape.

Deep Dweller Big Boom (Minor)

Elsewhere - 2019/05/01
Participants: Artura Nemoris, Bryn Cotter, Dame Fionna Bennett, Giraud Brune, Jane Reynolds, Juliet Vayne-Calador, Marcellus Morstein, Oliver Vale, Sandryne Vale, Sashana Sinclair, Rebekka Green
On an otherwise quiet evening... screams came from the Calador soldiers near the quarry. The Dwellers were advancing! Federation forces drove the Dwellers back into their caverns, but not without loses. Half a dozen soldiers were reported dead.

Portcross Trading Company (Personal)

Portcross,Coventry,Greycastle - 2019/04/01
Participants: Alphonse Volk, Jane Reynolds, Lucas Wyatt, Graghon, Other Agents
The founding and establishment of the mercantile and adventuring company in Portcross and its attempt to provide services to the Realm, the Crown, and the People ... while hopefully turning a nice profit.