From Dark Age Redemption

Full Name Silja
Status Active
Concept Deaf Mute Tinkerer
Race Human
Origin Portcross
Age 22
Height 5'7"
Build Slender
Hair Waist length; Strawberry blonde; Worn loose - often a bit wild
Eyes Honey Brown
Profession Toolmaker, Blacksmith, Carpenter


A bright young woman trapped in a world of silence, Silja finds ways to fill her life with a symphony of sights, smells, and vibrations. Never one to idle in boredom, she engages with purpose and mindfulness - whether to create the next best thing (Like the Napping Pod of Productivity) or to have a joyful go at an unsuspecting stranger thinking her disability means she's stupid.

Cut loose into the world, Silja's residency in Greycastle has been a boon, though she rapidly finds herself far more alone in a city of wealth and opulence than the broken, dirty prison colony into which she was born.


  • Proprietor of The Flame Dame
  • Combat Medic
  • Deaf - Cannot hear a single lick of what you are yapping about. Thank god.
  • Mute - Silent as a mouse verbally, but she seems to love wailing on something with her hammer - something about the vibrations bringing her pure joy.
  • Sweet - Like honey.
  • Excitable - Small things bring her immense excitement. Have you seen her clockwork mouse that FLIPS? DOn't worry, she'll show you.
  • Lonely - She has many acquaintances but no friends. She's far too eager to please to fill that void.


Although slightly above average height for a woman, she still stands much shorter than men. Long, waist-length strawberry blonde hair hangs loose and wild, topped with a fringe of bangs that softens any harsh angles she may have. Honey colored eyes sustain an almost far-away, ethereal look, while keeping track of the minute subtleties that elude the normal-hearing folk. Peaches and cream skin is marred by a scar on the right side of her face, beginning an inch above her brow and running a thin line to the corner of her mouth.

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