Sashana Sinclair

From Dark Age Redemption

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Full Name Sashana Danielle Sinclair
Status Inactive
Concept Farm-Girl turned Aristocrat
Race Human
Origin Elsewhere
Age 20
Height 5'2" (~158 cm)
Build Slim, Petite
Hair Pale Blond
Eyes Blue
Profession Chamberlain
Affiliation Conclave
Discord Lors
"Bent," Matchbox 20

If I fall along the way
Pick me up and dust me off
And if I get too tired to make it
Be my breath so I can walk

If I need some other love
Give me more than I can stand
And when my smile gets old and faded
Wait around I'll smile again

Shouldn't be so complicated
Just hold me and then
Just hold me again

Can you help me I'm bent
I'm so scared that I'll never
Get put back together

You're breaking me in
And this is how we will end
With you and me bent

If I couldn't sleep could you sleep
Could you paint me better off
Could you sympathize with my needs
I know you think I need a lot

I started out clean but I'm jaded
Just phoning it in
Just breaking the skin

Can you help me I'm bent
I'm so scared that I'll never
Get put back together

You're breaking me in
And this is how we will end
With you and me bent

Start bending me
It's never enough
I feel all your pieces

Start bending me
Keep bending me until I'm completely broken in

Shouldn't be so complicated
Just touch me and then
Just touch me again

Can you help me I'm bent
I'm so scared that I'll never
Get put back together

You're breaking me in
And this is how we will end
With you and me landing

Without understanding
Can I go there again, can you help me, I'm bent
I'm so scared that I'll never
Get put back together

You're breaking me in
And this is how we will end
With you and me bent


Born and raised in the Federation farmlands, Sashana traveled to Greycastle when she came of age to seek gainful employment and a better life. Having achieved both goals, she now strives to maintain her gentle, caring spirit while navigating the various plots and intrigues associated with city life.


  • Archer: she is quite proficient with a war bow.
  • Skilled Laborer: cooking, tailoring, mining, lumber-jacking, carpentry, farming, animal husbandry - she can do it all.
  • Musician: she can sing, play an array of musical instruments, and compose original works.
  • Fashionista: she typically wears vibrant colors and elaborate designs sewn from luxurious fabrics.
  • Literate: she learned to read and write despite living in the countryside.
  • Mysterious Father: all she knows is that her father used to do some sort of work for nobles, although he abandoned that life and moved to the countryside in order to pursue a peaceful retirement with a local farmgirl.


Pale blond hair frames a youthful, lightly tanned face, upon which dark blue eyes, delicate cheekbones, and rosy lips are placed. Hers is a diminutive, feminine figure that has subtle curves where appropriate. The young woman conducts herself in a poised, dignified manner; her diplomatically cordial tone of voice and good-natured laughter suggests a warm, social presence. She seems clean, well-groomed, and wears a hint of floral perfume.

Public Background


  • Cornelius Sinclair: protective father
  • Magdalen Sinclair: loving mother
  • King Sirion Peredhil: liege lord; source of daily consternation
  • Lady Leandra Caliborne: lady-friend to liege lord; friendly acquaintance
  • High Lady Marguerite Draven: former liege lady
  • Lord Calderon Draven: friendly acquaintance
  • Lord Marcellus Morstein: former beau
  • Lord Artura Nemoris: it's complicated
  • Brother Lucian Hawthorne: friendly acquaintance
  • Ser Kaine: friend and ally
  • Squire Michal Hull: friendly acquaintance
  • Giraud Brune: best friend and ally
  • Calwyn Leif: friendly acquaintance
  • Sandryne Vale: friendly acquaintance
  • Oliver Vale: brother to friendly acquaintance
  • Hallvardr Vardkenson: wild Andal
  • Trinity Lost: hairdresser
  • Balaur the Virdd: enigmatic soul
  • Bryn Cotter: friendly acquaintance
  • Jane Reynolds: friendly acquaintance
  • Dara: friendly acquaintance


2019/06/01 Draven and Morstein tie the knot (Personal)
Coventry - 2019/06/01
Participants: Andraste Morstein, Calderon Draven, Marguerite Draven, Marcellus Morstein, Alphonse Volk, Kaine, Frederick Calador, Juliet Vayne-Calador, Jane Reynolds, Oliver Vale, Sandryne Vale, Sashana Sinclair, Lady Leandra Caliborne
Lord Calderon Draven and Lady Andraste Morstein were married at the church in Coventry. Lady Leandra Caliborne officiated the ceremony.
2019/05/30 Retaking Agryis Pt 5 (Major)
Agryis - 2019/05/30
Participants: Kaine, Hallvardr Vardkenson, Marguerite Draven, Lady Leandra Caliborne, Marcellus Morstein, Artura Nemoris, Lucas Wyatt, Jane Reynolds, Dame Fionna Bennett, Oliver Vale, Giraud Brune, Ahlrada, Sashana Sinclair, Bryn Cotter, Andraste Morstein
The Nightraiders have surrendered. The Federation comes together to escort the prisoners and the innocent refugees out of Agryis and through the Drearwood to the safety of Federation lands.
2019/05/14 Retaking Agryis - Part IV (Major)
Agryis - 2019/05/14
Participants: Ahlrada, Andraste Morstein, Calderon Draven, Jane Reynolds, Lady Leandra Caliborne, Marcellus Morstein, Marguerite Draven, Sashana Sinclair, Virgle
Federation forces, led by a joint effort between House Draven and House Morstein, gathered for another push against the restless undead and the Nightraiders still firmly entrenched in their ill-gotten stronghold. Along the way, the liberators found a curious stone - and a journal containing cryptic ...
2019/05/09 Draven Masquerade Ball (Public Event)
Greycastle - 2019/05/09
Participants: Artura Nemoris, Bainisk Raprasad, Calderon Draven, Giraud Brune, Jane Reynolds, Kaine, Klausghet Balden, Lady Leandra Caliborne, Lucas Wyatt, Marcellus Morstein, Marguerite Draven, Oliver Vale, Sandryne Vale, Sashana Sinclair, Ahlrada
High Lady Marguerite Draven and Lady Leandra Caliborne organized a grand fete - a masquerade ball! Held at the Draven stronghold of Verdant Point, the costume party featured talented musicians, lavish food and drinks, and a sizzling eve of mysterious entertainment. Guests adopted new personas and de...
2019/05/01 Deep Dweller Big Boom (Minor)
Elsewhere - 2019/05/01
Participants: Artura Nemoris, Bryn Cotter, Dame Fionna Bennett, Giraud Brune, Jane Reynolds, Juliet Vayne-Calador, Marcellus Morstein, Oliver Vale, Sandryne Vale, Sashana Sinclair, Rebekka Green
On an otherwise quiet evening... screams came from the Calador soldiers near the quarry. The Dwellers were advancing! Federation forces drove the Dwellers back into their caverns, but not without loses. Half a dozen soldiers were reported dead.
2019/04/06 King Peredhil's Visit to Verdant Point (Minor)
Greycastle - 2019/04/06
Participants: Marguerite Draven, Marcellus Morstein, Sashana Sinclair, Giraud Brune, Lady Leandra Caliborne
King Sirion Peredhil stops by Verdant Point, home to Great House Draven, during a tour of Greycastle and the surrounding lands.
2019/04/04 Blessing The Well (Minor)
Greycastle - 2019/04/04
Participants: Artura Nemoris, Giraud Brune, Li'litu, Marguerite Draven, Oliver Vale, Sandryne Vale, Sashana Sinclair
After a foul demonic ritual was conducted in the cavern beneath the well just south of Greycastle's gates, the Church sets out to bless the well, and ensure its waters are not tainted.
2019/04/03 Trokti, trokti... (Minor)
Greycastle - 2019/04/03
Participants: Marcellus Morstein, Sashana Sinclair, Giraud Brune
While visiting with her parents, Sashana and Marcellus learn that Sashana's father might know the source of the group that has summoned the Troktika. The investigation reveals the house that the "cultists" seemed to be using, along with the corpse of Jimmy Turner, a local.
2019/03/31 Assembly of Peers - Mar 2019 (Major)
Greycastle - 2019/03/31
Participants: Calderon Draven, Cameron Winters, Ethan of Blackmount, Kaine, Rebekka Green, Sashana Sinclair, Uther Drake, Marguerite Draven, Giraud Brune, Lady Leandra Caliborne
The King calls the Peers of the Realm to a meeting. Appointments are made, news is shared, and, most importantly, the King announces his permanent relocation to Greycastle. Things in the Federation are changing.
2019/03/26 Vigil For The Knight Commander (Minor)
Coventry - 2019/03/26
Participants: Artura Nemoris, Kaine, Dame Fionna Bennett, Sandryne Vale, Oliver Vale, Juliet Vayne-Calador, Bryn Cotter, Marcellus Morstein, Sashana Sinclair, Dara, Calderon Draven
The late Knight Commander Ser Alexander Trebich is memorialized at Coventry for his service to the Federation.
2019/03/24 Firsprins Epic Party (Major)
Greycastle - 2019/03/24
Participants: Bryn Cotter, Donovan Montclair, Kaine, Sandryne Vale, Lord Calderon Draven, Sashana Sinclair
High Lord Adrian Firsprin invites one and all to a celebration of his victory at Agryis. During this event, the High Lord is slain by Alice Wolfe aka Malice, Muse's servant. The party is then pulled into Muse's dream world, and only saved by when a Virrd intervenes... whatever that is!
2019/02/18 The Bad Doctor (Major)
Portcross - 2019/02/18
Participants: Sashana Sinclair, Kaine, Lord Calderon Draven, Sandryne Vale, Marguerite Draven, Lady Leandra Caliborne
The witch of Portcross showed the world that horrors beyond that of standard criminal brutality existed when powers were left unchecked behind closed doors. By the use of their own vessels, Veronika and Leandra were able to break down Fayth's wards guarding his lair. All of his monstrous experimen...


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