From Dark Age Redemption

1. Roleplaying required.

Enough said.

2. No Out of Character (OOC) talk ingame

Use the party chat for any form of OOC text. No chit chat in OOC, you will be warned if caught. Continued offenses will be met with punishment. This does not apply to quick, necessary messages, such as: "Sorry, quick AFK!". When using OOC talk in game, please put it in double parentheses or brackets to make it clear it's OOC talk.

3. PVP

Killing players for no better reason than loot is not acceptable on Dark Age. All combat MUST be preceded by RP, the only exception to this rule being an assassination. Any combat initiated without RP is considered PKing, and will be dealt with accordingly.

Assassinations is when your character is contracted out by another character to kill a specific target in exchange for goods or services. It cannot be done pro bono or as a favor because you like the person hiring you, there must be a tangible resource gained from the exchange. Staff must be contacted to set up an assassination.

4. Be considerate of your RP content

Here on Dark Age we allow players of all age groups to enjoy and contribute to the story that we are all actively writing together, as a community. With this in mind, we ask that all extreme content be reserved to the privacy of one’s home, or at least not within public. As well, before engaging in such RP, proper permission MUST always be obtained from the other party. There are no exceptions to this rule, we will not allow players to force others into situations that they are uncomfortable being a part of.

  • Do not do explicit tortures in public.
  • Or sexual scenes.
  • Or rape.
  • Do not do explicit tortures to someone who has not agreed to it.
  • Or sexual scenes.
  • Or rape.
  • Complaints will be treated in the same way as OOC harassment.

5. Character and pet names

Tamed animals are not to have names such as ‘a’ or ‘b’ or ‘a1’ or anything remotely resembling them. Animals should be named properly, and even three letters is better than one or two. Any tamed critters found with names like that will be instantly killed by GMs.

Naming of animals after current or former players as a means to disrespect that player will not be tolerated.

Character names, cannot be racially/religiously/etc. offensive to other players. Also, they must be realistic. As well, any names not conducive to RP I.E. Bane Darkvoid will not be approved by staff during the application process.

6. Bugs and exploits

Report bugs and exploits and do not use them. Have respect for the game and its balance for the simple fact that we do it for fun. Exploiting bugs for personal gain you will be banned. The Bug forum board is there and bugs do get addressed as soon as we can get to them.

7. Exploiting the Artificial Intelligence

The AI used by mobs is not very smart. Abusing it creates unfair advantages, hurts RP, and makes it harder to stay immersed in the game world. AI abuse includes but is not limited to:

  • Leading NPC monsters into a town with the purpose of killing players/guards.
  • Leading mobs into each other so they kill each other and you get the loot.
  • Finding a place wherein the mob cannot get to you or your pets or your party members and attacking it from range. Mobs should have a chance to damage you, your pets, party members, etc.
  • Attacking mobs that are glitched, bugged, or otherwise cannot attack back.

You can be banned for this. Use common sense. Ask a staffer if you're unsure.

8. Housing and Buying a Home

Player Characters are allowed only one home per city at any given time. Public buildings such as Merchant stalls or Taverns do not count toward home ownership.

9. Locked-down items blocking areas

Blocking of access to areas using locked-down items is forbidden. Said items will be destroyed immediately by GMs and repeated offenses will be dealt with more harshly.

10. Discord and UO

Discord is not to be used for In Game discussions. If you want to make a deal or discuss plans for anything, do so in-game. It’s uncool to act as if you are telepathic, and makes those who go out of their way to spy on you waste their time. Anything that belongs IG, is to be spoken IG. This is a roleplaying game, so roleplay. Discord can be used to organize meeting people somewhere, but that’s all.

The official chatroom will be used for requesting help and organizing events for all players. If you would like to announce events in the channel, contact a staffer.

Note the "Looking for Roleplay" channel is set up specifically to help players find each other and RP. You are more than welcome to post something like "A small gathering finds it's way to the Greycastle tavern" or "A hunting party prepares to leave Coventry".

11. Metagaming

Metagaming is strictly prohibited in any fashion. Metagaming is defined as the use of any knowledge garnered in an OOC fashion, Discord, Messenger programs and non-roleplaying RP boards in an IC context that directly affects the actions of your character. Intentional use of metagamed knowledge in order to plan your character’s actions is a sign of not only poor role-playing, but also of irresponsibility of the player. If a player is found to be using this information they will be punished accordingly. Examples of this would be looking on the UO client to see that a person is home in game, and therefore not attempting to break into their house, when in all reality your character wouldn’t know that without metagaming. Similarly if you know that a player is sleeping, at work, at school, or merely AFK, you are not allowed to plan your actions around their schedule, especially when the actions are against that player.

Metagaming is a frequent problem in any role-playing community. While all forms of metagaming are of course against the rules, please keep the following in mind:

Sensitive Knowledge: If a situation arises wherein one player accuses another of meta-gaming the acquisition of sensitive and secret knowledge and it is determined that it is indeed not public knowledge it will be expected that the accused present a source for their knowledge to staff. Preferably this evidence will be something like a screen shot or other objective source.
Role-play between multiple characters of the same player: Due to the often ambiguously difficult scenarios that occur from such play it is highly discouraged to role-play between characters of the same player. It is impermissible to share sensitive knowledge between your own characters including books or notes.
Public vs. Private Knowledge: There are many means by which one can obtain OOC knowledge about in-game events yet not be able to justify their character being aware of such events having transpired. Sources of information such as forum posts, stories, paperdoll profiles, physical appearance, titles, etc. constantly barrage us and result in both purposeful and accidental instances of metagaming. It is impossible to avoid these entirely. While staff will be understanding in regards to such occasional breaches of etiquette we urge players to be extremely mindful and err of the side of caution in regards to such knowledge.

12. Muling

Muling is the act of transferring items from one player’s character to another character belonging to the same player. This includes using chests to pull said items from or using another player to transfer the items. This action will be met with severe punishment up to and including a ban.

13. Treat everyone with respect

Do not harass, do not pester and do not disrespect another player. Things happen within the game that we may not always be fond of OOC, this in no way gives you permission to begin insulting the players behind these characters. Roleplaying is one thing…

OOC harassment will get you banned.

14. Stealing & Looting

Stealing from other characters (whether by the associated skills or through other means) needs to be done in good taste, and make sense. Don't dry loot somebody's house. If it doesn't seem possible for your character to take it (ie a ton of iron and weapons), your character can't take it.

Auto-looting through Steam is allowed, but make sure to turn it off during major events. Players tend to lose all of their bandages, arrows, coins, and bags to other players during these events otherwise.

We look forward to seeing you in game!