From Dark Age Redemption

The Church of the Father, the Church of the Triad, the Church of Sky. Even as the world fell to ashes around them, the people of Leanantla have desperately clung to their faith through these worst of times, somehow preserving many of its ideals all through the chaos. While religion had many names in the old nations of Leanantla, the core was always the same. Now, as the world consolidates its religious knowledge into the city of Coventry, the religion is often simply referred to as "The Faith."

Rather than being built around concepts of sin and judgement, the root of the Faith has always been self-betterment. The Father does not speak directly to his children, but he gave them the means to band together, grow, and prosper. By answering their true calling perfecting themselves in one of the three great Paths of faith people strive to emulate one of the three Aspects of God, and insodoing gain entry into the Halls of Yashain at his side.

House of Sky

The House of Sky represents the Faith as a whole, and those who serve the Divine. The nature of men is one of unique strengths and weaknesses, and so, practitioners choose to focus on one of the three Aspects of the Father: Justice, Power, and Wisdom. To follow the Path of one of these three Aspects is to grow closer to the character of God.

What it means to follow these Paths has been a topic of debate for all living memory. Legends of Mercanius's arrival in Leanantla and the founding of the Church have been passed on through the generations, however, each of the old nations of the land had their own varying interpretations of the intent of each Path.

It is said, however, that God does not war with himself. To focus on one Path -- one calling -- is never meant to deny the place of the other two. Power without bounds of Justice can create a Warlord. Justice without threads of Wisdom can breed the legalistic bureaucrat. Wisdom without Power to change can lead to the ineffectual hermit.

Each nation and each follower has always favored one Path over the others. The true challenge in being a part of the House of Sky has always been trying to find the balance that works.

The Path of Justice

Color: Blue

The one who embraces justice as the supreme path to virtue, is led first and foremost through the heart.

To pursue the Path of Justice is to right the wrongs of the world: it is to show compassion to others; it is to show mercy to those whose lives could be changed; it is servitude to those who cannot fend for themselves. The enemy of Justice is that which threatens to destroy life and order.

The laws of the Federation find their roots in ancient teachings of the Path of Justice, and thus are often enforced by the Steel Wardens. Many followers of this Path find themselves in pursuit of a knighthood through the Steels Wardens in Coventry, as they are groomed to be the greatest champions of Justice in the land.

However, Justice is the Path of the heart. Even common folk who give to those in need; those who strive to live honestly and generously to others; those who defend life; even those who rigidly hold themselves to a high moral standard -- All can reach perfection in the eyes of the Father.

The Path of Power

Color: Dark Grey

The one who embraces power and savors victory in all contests, is led by the gut.

Most certainly, the Path of Power has had the most wildly varied interpretations of the three Paths. This is due in part to the many, vastly different societies that the House of Sky has grown from. Power is the ability master an art; it is the ability to change the world and effect those around you. The expert duelist and well as the master painter can find distinction in their callings through the Path of Power. But so too, it has been argued, could the loving father, or even the skilled prostitute.

In the Federation, the Path of Power often finds itself beneath the Path of Justice, as men and women desperately cling to what law and order they have finally found in the world. In the Empire of Andal to the North, though, a man or woman can often find themselves in a role of leadership solely based upon their power, strength of arms, and skill in battle.

This is the difficult path of toppling each challenge that presents itself in a calling, and can be the most challenging Path to balance with the other two. Adventurers, brawlers, pleasure-seekers, and even the masochists who master their every urge -- All can reach perfection in the eyes of the Father.

The Path of Wisdom

Color: Green

For those who seek knowledge and enlightenment, led by the logic of the mind to govern action above all other impulses. To follow the Path of Wisdom is to reach for perfection of the mind. This Path focuses on research, study, and understanding. Some choose to focus on a particular area, while others doggedly pursue any new form of learning that presents itself.

Those who follow the Path of Wisdom sift Leanantla for its secrets, relentlessly pursuing a particular topic of research, and studying the world around them. With the destruction of Mercia and the loss of much of the collective knowledge of mankind, many find themselves called to piece together what happened and to somehow recover a fragment of what was lost. Through every artifact unearthed, and mystery solved, humanity pushes to regain some bit of their history and identity.

The Academy of Blackmount strives, above all else, to learn the secrets of the land. Whether the inquisitive alchemist finding new and useful components, or knowledge-seeking adventurers scouring ruins for books of the lost histories, most who follow the Path of Wisdom in these times find themselves allied with the scholars of Blackmount. But even the politician, tactician, surgeon, or chef -- All can reach perfection in the eyes of the Father.

The Forgotten Faiths

With the loss of the histories of the world, it should not be surprising that there were once other faiths that were followed. With paranoia rampant following destruction of Mercia, fears of witchcraft and heresy are very real things today. Those who are known to follow any but the one God of the Church of the Sky can expect to meet some hostility when exploring and sharing these religions. Common knowledge on these subjects is sparse, yet with a little persistence, any can recover the secrets of even these lesser known faiths.


The veil between this world and the next is thin, and the attention of daemons can be drawn in certain circumstances. Some daemons seem to be mindless forces of desctruction; however, there are those daemons who may be willing to strike a deal, exchanging gold, prestige, or power for favors.

Federation Law does not tolerate consorting with daemons, and the Steel Wardens and the Church zealously hunt any who do so. Many believe that this was the very thing that brought Leanantla to ruins in the first place; As a result, little is known about how such an act could be committed, and most wish to keep it that way.


Nature provides for the world, and thus, people throughout the ages have revered it. The worship of Terra or "the Mother" was all but extinct even before the crisis in Mercia; now, its followers are a bare handful that are rumored to dwell in the wilds of Agryis. This oft misunderstood faith is a communion with nature, the reverence of life, and the preservation of the balance.

Depending on the nation, the ruler, and the time, this faith has been sometimes wholeheartedly accepted, and at others, despised on the same level as the Daemon-worshippers. The current climate is one of fear, bordering on open hostility. It is said that the Father loved -- possibly even created -- Terra. But it also rumored that modern Terra-worshippers, practice human sacrifice to their White Tree in Agryis to empower it…

What little is whispered of nature-worshipper now paints it as a dark, twisted, cult. Legends speak of the Faeblood and shapeshifters that Terra calls her children. To worship Terra is to ally oneself with their kind over the loyalties of men, and to risk exposure to the same corruption that almost certainly infects the land.