Recent history

From Dark Age Redemption

The story of Mercia’s beginnings has been subjected to several questions by historians who ponder on its shared glories and devastating fall from afar. For starters, the choice of where to settle is a mystery with the plethora of options once available. It is clear that safety was the primary concern, followed by resource, seasoned with classic feudalistic behaviors.

Mercia was a thriving capital as far as we can tell for half of a millennia. Its military outposts were key to surviving the deep dwellers who clawed at the fabric of fortitude until their repellence. This network of the world supported diverse sister facilities and nations as well, although none can be accounted for post Vorlonian rule. Mercia’s death was violent, destructive, and sudden, and all was lost save for the records of the annals of the ruling nobles instituted under House Bratak.

These annals will provide detail of the genesis of the Federation— its accomplishments and blunders alike. The past world life is indeed bloodied and frail, but such cannot be helped when infiltrating an untamed world. May the annals of the noble house rulers inspire within you a promise to remain far from the ways of the old, but also give you the information to one day reforge bonds that have been broken.

Note: The history below is only available In-Game to scholars, the nobility, and those that would have good reason to know it.

The Age of Mercia

1 MR

Mercanius discovers Leanantla

30 MR

Mercia constructed, Lord Garrison of House Bratak takes the throne.

100 MR

Invasion of the Deep Dwellers

160 MR

Portcross and Medici established

180 MR

Andalian territory officially surveyed

200 MR

The official defeat of the deep dwellers, Federation unified under House Bratak

240 MR

Sir Tiernan of House Connolaugh proclaimed as King, Justus Bratak slain

300 MR

Baronial Revolt- Coup-de’etat by Aidik II of House Harador, establishment of Haradoran Rule

400 MR

Fierth Harador assassinated, King Fabian of House Vorlorn succeeds.

524 MR

Prince Faris Vorlorn pronounced dead in Eridan, Mercia is destroyed

The Fall of Mercia

The news of the Vorlorn’s death was the ignition of a chaos that spared Mercia no mercy. That same day, the skies parted above the city, revealing not the comforting light of God, but rather a shadow that enveloped the capital whole. Darkness turned to fire, and to all who remained met their tragic fate in a destroying rain of molten ash. Mercia was gone, and faith in the Federation was lost. The following 76 years has been documented as the ‘migration years’ for the few that were somehow spared from the cataclysm. The diversity of urban life waned, and many fled in the same way of their distant ancestors across the lands to fulfill new destinies….

550 MR

Migration Years; Agrysian territory claimed

600 MR

Greycastle finished under Lord Arden of House Firsprin.

605 MR

Coventry is erected under House Peredhil

624 MR

[DA Redemption Begins Here]

Festival of the 'Tamed Wilds'

Agryis is commissioned by Greycastle to summon all citizens of the Federation for a festival of the ‘Tamed Wilds.’ All in attendance are to witness and partake in festival food and drink, games, and tutelage of combat. The most reputable of the Federation has been selected to conduct these festivities, anticipating opportunities to observe and engage in a personalized census of the Federation abroad.

The Festival is abruptly cut short by the rise of the Night Raiders. The Steward of Agryis commits suicide, but not before murdering the doctor Claire Vayne in cold blood before several witnesses. Agryis is sacked. The survivors of the Federation are led by Lord Percival Calador to escape through a connection of caves, escorting them to the safety within Greycastle’s walls.

625 MR

New Federation Laws Established

Greycastle finishes the construction of additional noble estates in response to the population flux, ordained by Lord Adrian Firsprin. King Peredhil issues the final publication of ‘Penalties Against the Federation,’ approving the practice of branding as punishment upon those who prove themselves worthy of royal correction. Documentation is issued to the heads of noble houses, while common folk are forewarned by town criers.

626 MR

Greycastle Up Close

High Lord Zachary Trevelyan is summoned to trial under accusation from his late fiancé Juliet Calador. The High Lord was found to be guilty of treason by unlawful use of the king’s colors to incite war against Andal. Trevelyan was branded by order of the King and extradited to Portcross as a criminal.

Kaine and the Steel Wardens conduct a continuous investigation within Greycastle to uncover the truth behind a series of murders within Greycastle. All of three bodies found had been brutally dismembered, the final body being the final death of Carlotta Wolfe. Her death marks the first unnatural death of a Godsworn within the Federation in decades.

High Lord Percival Calador orders the construction of a military outpost near the Raven’s Roost as a security check against large-scale threats onto Federation lands.