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Humans are the most numerous race of the world, their history telling a rich story of the rise and fall of many nations. After the collapse of Zeal, Mercanius lead the way to arrange for the unification of all peoples under the Kingdom of Mercia. Native cultures would also later inhabit the cities of Portcross, Blackmount Reach, Andal, Medici, and Mercia itself, until its fall.

The various classifications of humans are not limited only in profession, but also religion and social status. Nobles hold the highest seats in politics and wealth, followed by religious servants under the House of Sky. Below these places exist the more grey areas of human adventure; thieves and secretive mages for example, who dare exist outside of the standards of full propriety. Overall, humans display the largest diversity of class and skill amongst all others, and by their creativity, lead the future direction of the world.

The Federation

In the aftermath of the fall of the Kingdom of Mercia, the nations of man shattered. New short-lived countries, orders, alliances, and brotherhoods rose to fill its place, but none lasted long in the following conflicts. That is, until the Federation.

The Federation represents human-kind's most successful attempt to reunite scattered humanity since the fall. Through the tactical genius and might of the Firsprin & Peredhil noble families, a solid foothold was painstakingly dug into the now lawless lands. The great city of Greycastle was built upon the old foundation of Mercia as a capital and new haven for mankind. Its sister-city, Coventry was erected as the new religious center of the world in a staggeringly quick amount time, drawing in and consolidating the many remnants of the various sects of the Faith. Blackmount, too, now stands firmly with the Federation as a cornerstone of wisdom and learning.

And so, this Federation has restored a measure of safety and order. All peoples of Leanantla -- from the lines of every broken nation and nationality -- desperate to finally live in a world without fear have been drawn to it. Thus, the Federation 'race' is a mish-mash of nobility and peasantry of all old fallen nations and peoples of central Leanantla. While the people of the Federation have grown their own identity, it is unique primarily in how wildly varied its people are in history, appearance, accent, philosophy, and personality.


Humans born of Andalian heritage hail from a genealogy of war-trodden tribes and clans of the far North. While technically Andal was a part of the Kingdom of Mercia at its fall, Andal has always had an identity separate from that of the soft southerners. Now, at rift is far more obvious, as the Andals once again hold their 'Empire' as a separate (and superior) nation from the Federation, made up of hardy men and women, living alongside their powerful orcish cousins.

Andal is a harsh, dangerous place -- its people are able-bodied, battle-worn fighters, far more prone to learning arts of weaponcraft, hunting, and battle, than professions of comfort. The history of these peoples are riddled with noble foul-play, intermarriage, and blood games between raiding tribes. Order is stitched together by tribal law, and the will of the most powerful.

Their dark leathery skin easily identifies them amongst the rest of the world, a choppy accent suggesting a splintered education. Many are expectedly curt unto others by influence of their rough pasts, although others have moved beyond their history and have projected a jolly ‘carefree’ nature above their harsh foundation.

For more information see the page on "Andal"


Agryis, now a territory of the Federation, still retains its own clear and distinct racial heritage. Agryis has been, in all living memory, a vast wilderness full of frontiersmen, meadow-folk, rangers, trackers, woodsmen, and horse-lords. To be Agrysian is to hold a respect -- or at least an understanding -- of nature, and man's true place within it.

Agrysians tend to have less interest in principles of politics and principles of virtue, and more in harmony with nature, and loose familial relationships with small villages on the outskirts of society. When the rest of the world fell around them, the Agrysians continued to live their rural lives, growing perhaps even more isolated and firm in their self-sufficient, survivalist ways.

Their root language is and extremely complex one, made far more complicated by the dozens of localized dialects and variations in spelling that seem a constant source of argument and irritation among scholars.

Unfortunately, Agryis has fared far worse in the past generation than even during the fall of Mercia. Wars from numerous Andal and Federation forces, banditry, and a deep corruption originating in the Drearwoods have turned this frontier into a hostile place. Those who continue to live in Agryis do so in small, hidden, communities. Many who once lived there find themselves as displaced refugees in Greycastle, or small villages such as Carlotta's Rest.


The ancient desert city of Portcross, while still a part of the Federation, is perhaps the oldest city in Leanantla, and has its own unique racial trademarks with roots back in pre-Mercian natives. These bloodlines, however, have been recently muddied by an influx of Federation branded criminals, sent exiled to Portcross to live out their sentence as laborers. Portcross is divided into Portcross Major, residing on an Isle south of the Bay of Portcross, and Portcross Minor, a smaller section of the city residing upon the mainland.

Once, Portcross was its own, proud, autonomous nation, known for its vast navy, expert fencers, unique Haelynistic religion, and renowned philosophers. Now, Portcross finds itself as little better than a slum, plagued by overpopulation, famine borne from persistent blighting of crops, and discomfort in the burning deserts and sweltering jungles. The famous sailors and sea-captains of the past are barely a bygone memory, as there are now only a bare few fishing boats and ferries that still take to the dangerous seas.

Portcrossians tend to be free-thinkers and industrious merchants, but have more recently received a reputation in the rest of the Federation as schemers, low-lives, and thieves. Many of the downtrodden natives of Portcross, however, still do take pride in their heritage, and actively seek out ways to restore Portcross to some small semblance of its former glory.

Special Races

Special races may be rolled with staff approval and application as the story develops and introduces their presence in the game. Currently, these races are not fully available. For now, these excerpts are to serve as previews for what is to come.


Orcs have always lived alongside their human cousins in the lands of Andal; their racial identities are so intermixed they are often thought of as one in the same by Andalians. Orcs are, though, perhaps one of the big reasons that Andal was always held separate from the Kingdom of Mercia even after being conquered by it.

Gifted with a natural strength and fortitude beyond that of a human, orcs thrive in the harsh environs of Andal.

The Orcish population in Andal may be much smaller than that of the humans, but they have always been an important part of the Empire. In the Federation, however, they have been exceedingly rare, as very few choose to venture south, and fewer yet choose to remain. Legally, orcs are as welcome into the Federation as any other citizen of Andal (which is to say, welcomed so long as they follow the laws, and allowed to reside permanently, if they swear their loyalty to the Federation). However, their infrequent presence means that in certain areas (Coventry and Portcross, in particular), an orc will likely find themselves gawked at… and warned against lingering overly long.


Legend speaks of a sacred grove that sprouted upon Terra during the time of Zeal, from which humanity discovered its direct connection to Mother Terra and her many blessings. Both men and women drank from these springs, inhabiting its shelter and becoming linked to the secrets of the earthen domain. Some discovered the Magic of Terra Herself. Others? They learned that something in their blood was different. Something was Magic.

One legend tells of the High Queen of the Fae and the Prince of Men. The Prince convinced the Queen he was magic, and thus she took him as her lover. They begat a child that was born part of both worlds and part of neither world all at once. The Queen was enraged at this deception, and she took her High Court and fled, leaving her child behind. Thus began the Faeblood.

Another tells of the humans that saw the beauty of the Fae and wished it for themselves. Their groves were attacked, and all the children of the grove disbanded with hatred in their hearts. Many fled into Terra's Bosom, yet some remained, abandoning their immortality so they might stay in the realm of humans and fight.

The most academic of sources consider the Fae - and the Faeblood - with a great deal of scepticism. Were they ever real? Or were the Druids of Forgotten Times simply that power, that they might be recorded in the histories as something Other Than Human?

No human knows for sure... yet, this is a time change. A time of confusion. A time wherein the impossible becomes real.

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Other Races

There are a plethora of other intelligent races in Terra, and so -- for veteran players -- there is nigh infinite possibility to explore other races. From the enigmatic Virdd to the feared Noctii, the staff is willing to work with players that may wish to play other races. Please note, however, that these occasions will be rare, fit into existing storylines, and will only be considered with well established players that have consistently shown exceptional roleplaying.