From Dark Age Redemption


The Federation:

Humans are the most numerous race of the world, their history telling an enriching story of the rise and fall of many nations. After the fall of Zeal, Mercanius lead the way to arrange for the unification of all peoples under the Federation of Mercia. This includes the cultures that would later inhabit the cities of Portcross, Blackmount, Andal, Medici, and Mercia itself, until its fall. Presently the Federation is limited to Greycastle and Coventry, with teetering communication between all others.

The various classifications of humans are not limited only in profession, but also religion and social status. Nobles hold the highest seats in politics and wealth, followed by religious servants under the Houses of Virtue. Below these places exist the more grey areas of human adventure; thieves and secretive mages for example, who dare exist outside of the standards of full propriety. Overall, humans display the largest diversity of class and skill amongst all others, and by their creativity, lead the future direction of the world.


Humans born of Andalian heritage hail from a genealogy of war-trodden peoples split from the Federation after the fall of Mercia. To be Andalian is to have little cares for the world, save for the common endeavor of self-exaltation brewed with hardiness. The history of these peoples are riddled with noble foul-play, intermarriage, and blood games between raiding tribes. It has been said after all, that an Andalian does best when he writes his own law, marks his own boundary, and has his own drink ready at all times.

Those from Andal are likely to have built bonds with others under the professions involving combat and weapon smithing. Their dark leathery skin easily identifies them amongst the rest of the world, a choppy accent suggesting a splintered education. Many are expectedly curt unto others by influence of their rough pasts, although others have moved beyond their history and have projected a jolly ‘carefree’ nature above their harsh foundation.

The Cities of Man

From the arrival of the first ships from Eridan and abandonment of Zeal, humans have never shed their natural instincts of creativity and ingenuity. An ocean divides the times of old, and with all things Zealan removed, mankind had a new start in the name of Mercanius. None would dispute that the founding of Mercia lay within the precepts of heavenly guidance, although it is commonly disagreed upon through which age of nobility featured the Federation’s highest achievements. The story of humankind is best told through its vast array of nations established through the years as storm and stress have weathered them all. Some tell stories of persistent goodness, and others, thorns of chaos. The largest debate however, still lies within to whom credence is given when sons and daughters enter the world as kings and queens, and to whom curses are delivered when no sons or daughters are born at all.


Portcross is the desert city that has historically been a mismatch amongst the Federation. It is the place that fashions low-life careers, typically breeding the likes of free-thinkers, professional thieves, and merchants of unique kinds. Portcross is divided by a channel, having been dubbed ‘Minor’ for the mainland side, and ‘Major’ for the larger island.

Allegiance: Federation Occupants: House of Justice, the Steel Wardens, Branded Religious Demographic: Justice, sect of Haelyn Housing Market: Open


Greycastle is the rebuilt capitol of the Federation, taking the place of Mercia with its High Houses standing just under the King Sirion Peredhil. It is the starting city for all new players, existing as a melting pot of peoples from high prominence to low standings amongst society. There is an inevitable clash from culture shock, that being created by the wavering agendas of nobility, the influx of outside cultures, and the alarming presence of evil forces that beckon Greycastle’s hand to protect all from danger.

Allegiance: Federation Occupants: High Noble Houses, Citizens of the Federation, Steel Wardens Religious Demographic: The Sky, The Three Virtues Housing Market: Open


Coventry is the neighboring city of Greycastle, devoid of hustle and bustle and left in relative peace. The King spends many of his days in Coventry, ruling amongst the safety of his Squires and the Steel Wardens. Coventry focuses its attention to the teaching of Virtues and assembly of religious worship.

Allegiance: Federation Occupants: Steel Wardens, Religious Tutors Religious Demographic: Path of Justice Housing Market: Closed


Agryis is the woodland home of rangers and meadow peoples. It is bordered by mischievous grounds, the Drearwood to its south, and Andal to its North. The city was the starting place for Darkage, revealing a pocket of rustic culture, although still tied under the banner of Greycastle and the Federation. Agryis boasts of nature’s beauty and honor above industry and political activity.

Allegiance: Federation Occupants: N/A Religious Demographic: Unknown Housing Market: Closed


Andal covers the territory of Tundra to the north of Leanantla. It is the home of battle-hardened warriors and natural-born fighters. Sighting an Andalian on Federation land carries several assumptions and strong implications for their reasons to be removed from their home and culture. Their cold war stasis against the Federation shields the truth about an Andalian’s true motive and culture, and so such must be revealed through story and personal role play.

Allegiance: Unknown Occupants: Andalians Religious Demographic: Unknown Housing Market: Closed

Academy of Blackmount

Blackmount is the bridge between the Federation and the spinning world of fantasy that presents its many stories and mysteries. The scholars who work there are in constant motion to filter what is safe and procurable for the development of the world—moreover, how to stay ‘ahead of the game.’ With its transparency in its research, it piques the trust of the King, led by the Minervan Conclave.

Allegiance: Federation Occupants: Scholars of Blackmount Religious Demographic: Path of Wisdom Housing Market: Closed

Special Races:

Special races may be rolled with GM approval and application as the story develops and introduces their presence in the game. For now, these excerpts are to serve as previews for what is to come.


Few of Mercanius’ articles about the orcs remain, but their basic descriptions are common knowledge to all who would actually suspect that there are in fact orcs amongst the Federation. Notes include a species of reptilian color, strictly carnivorous, and naturally stronger than the strongest of man. Their intelligence wanes in comparison to all other races, but their regimented and superstitious life-styles have kept them in step with all other competitors.

It is unknown if orcs are natural born killers by pleasure or through commanded authority. What is certain though, is that men fear them, and for a time, were fleeing from their threat.


Legend speaks of a sacred grove that spouted upon Terra during the Lost Years from which a society discovered its direct connection to Mother Terra and her many blessings. Both men and women drank from these springs, inhabiting its shelter and becoming linked to the secrets of the earthen domain. Over time, these peoples began to resemble nature itself in its harmony with sprit, sylph, and wisp. A culture of royal bloodlines through sacred marriage rites produced colonies of unfathomable beauty that welcomed new alliances with those who had also found similar harmonies within Terra’s gifts.

In the early days of Zeal, the high Queen took the hand of a young prince who was of impure blood unbeknownst to her. The result was catastrophic, as a child was born whom she could not love. The prince was outraged, and in this great anxiety, the grove was attacked and all children of the grove disbanded with hatred in their hearts. The legend speaks that in her final act, the Queen called upon the centaurs to bless her fleeing children with the highest graces of Terra.

In the present age, the Fae-Bloods are known as shape shifters. Their ancestors retained a blessed bloodline of Terra’s ancient creatures that has been passed on to the remnants of today. Within the Fae-Blood is an affinity for the natural world, its understanding and purity of being. Fae-bloods are bonded amongst their own, lovers of primitive ways, and are cautious when participating in the events of the modern world.


Those who no longer wish to live life harnessed by the prospect of death have found alternatives to walk the lands with misunderstood lament. To give up on life is heresy to the House of Sky, and banishment is the due paid forward to the wicked one who would chose to abandon the ways of the living. Necromancy was the first to blame for this prospect, but as for Leanantla, the origins are unknown.

There are various forms of undead, each displaying separate forms of strength and weaknesses. Blood magics are the common denominator for many who undergo transformation, although for the highest of them belong the phylactery that entraps the life-force and postpones the effect of age upon the vessel to whom it belongs. If such a phylactery is shattered, then death for the vessel is swift.

The Virdd

They are creatures of magical origin, born from the blood of both human and demon together. They were the extension of the will of a great mage, a conjuror who threatened the freedom of the world with an army of minions and various breeds of orc. The Virdd were born to guide such subordinates, their red skin marking their identify clearly on the front lines in war but with faces hidden behind tribal masks to conceal their identity. Telepathic communication between other Virdd is their greatest talent, and such was paramount between companies in battle.

Amongst their fear of revealing their face to all non-Virdd include other oaths taken at their creation, including the disdain from taking life of any breathing creature. They are mindful creatures, bearing two or three syllable names with no family name. Their magical nature allows their bodies to not see decay, as Virdd neither eat or drink. Overall, they are trustworthy vessels, far from deceit and impulsivity while lavished with natural intelligence and ingenuity.