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The land of Leanantla lies in chaos -- its people struggle to rebuild some semblance of peace and order.

It has been over a hundred years since the sudden, utter destruction of Mercia, the greatest kingdom of men. Civilization in Leanantla crumbled in the wake of the nation's passing. Was it magic, monsters, demons, or fire from the heavens? Though the story is not old, the details already seem to be lost to time. What is certain that mankind in Leanantla had been pushed to the brink of extinction, as they scattered to all corners of the land to escape the forces that assailed them.

Their great cities toppled, and their histories systematically destroyed, the focus of all turned to survival. The bloodshed and infighting that followed seemed to finally toll the death-knell.

And yet, in its darkest hour, the remnants of man have found a foothold in the city Greycastle. Built upon the ashes of Mercia, Greycastle stands as a beacon to mankind, drawing those remnants from all former nations and walks of life into a new Federation. In it, people try to regain something of what was lost: their structure, their histories, their faith, their humanity.

But time flows like a river… and history repeats itself.

Forces unknown press at this final bastion of mankind. The only question lies in how you stand during this dark age.

Dark Age Redemption is a Player-Ran Online RP-required Game. For information on how to join, see Play Dark Age below.

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Map Update! And with it, an update to our lore.

05-31-2020 by Sulia
We have a map! And a lore update!

Andal and Orcs

01-20-2020 by Skew
The Great White North has finally opened! We are likewise accepting applications for orcs.


01-20-2020 by Skew
We are introducing a new system, Artificing!

Material Changes

07-26-2019 by Skew
We're making changes to materials! Specifically those used to make weapons and armor. Read below!

Enchantment vellum

07-15-2019 by Valman
Enchantment vellum: a new item type to improve your build with.

Summer Plot Update

07-04-2019 by Skew
It's that time again! This is a summary of most of the plots that are currently in motion to help everyone catch up.

Crafting updates!

06-12-2019 by Sulia
You will have your Master Works!


05-31-2019 by Skew
The Magic system is in! If you're interested, please click the post and read more. Note: Magic is only available with staff approval!

For a complete list of announcements, please check the announcements page.

Recent Stories

2020/06/23 Unseen Occult (Public Event)
Greycastle - 2020/06/23
Lead by the nose of a wolf and a tip from the King's guard, the Godsworn found the Unseen's hideout!
2020/06/13 Casimir Can Kill (Minor)
Greycastle - 2020/06/13
Zachariah Dragon was brought to trial in Greycastle. We didn't even get to a sentencing ...
2020/06/11 The Unseen (Public Event)
Greycastle - 2020/06/11
The Unseen have threatened the king and attempted a jail break to reclaim two of their own from Greycastle's courthouse.
2020/06/07 Amalgamation: The Year (Public Event)
Greycastle - 2020/06/07
It's the King and the two forces that saved him one year ago. He should keep them close.
2020/05/11 Moon (Personal)
Greycastle - 2020/05/11
Moon was found in the Oasis per directive of Queen Leandra Peredhil. So who is she?

To see more stories, visit the stories page.

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Dark Age: Redemption is a Player-Ran Online RP-required Game. To play here, you must submit an application and receive approval from staff.

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It is recommended that you familiarize yourself at least the following pages to get a feel for the rules and setting prior to applying:

Once you have your application submitted, you can download the Dark Age game client here. You MUST use that client, you MUST update fully, and you MUST verify your install (it's a button on the patcher).