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What was intended for humankind in the beginning reflects something like a distorted dream so far away. In favorable times, it was called the golden age of man. In other times, it was called Zeal. The ultimatum however, of mankind’s legacy has never been ambition without greed, victory without bloodshed, or light without darkness. Indeed, the dark ages have never left…

The beacon of light now shines in Leanatla, the late sister continent of Eridan a forbidden subject left centuries in the dark with its fumbles and blunders. Now come all masters of trade, combat, politics, magics and nature. From the ashes of federations past Greycastle holds proud, but we have also heard it spoken:

Time flows like a river, and history repeats itself

Behold, the powers in the spiritual realms are still ever watchful, and fortunately, without rest. Will you join in the communion of man, or will the ways of the ancients overtake you?

Dark Age Redemption is a Player-Ran Online RP-required Game. For information on how to join, see Play Dark Age below.

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Enchantment vellum

07-15-2019 by Valman
Enchantment vellum: a new item type to improve your build with.

Summer Plot Update

07-04-2019 by Skew
It's that time again! This is a summary of most of the plots that are currently in motion to help everyone catch up.

Crafting updates!

06-12-2019 by Sulia
You will have your Master Works!


05-31-2019 by Skew
The Magic system is in! If you're interested, please click the post and read more. Note: Magic is only available with staff approval!

Updated address and launcher!

05-23-2019 by Skew
We've updated the DarkAge.exe launcher/patcher and formally shifted to a new address: -- more details below.

Connection issues?

05-11-2019 by Skew
We're in the middle of renewing the address that's default in the Dark Age launcher. For now, you can connect directly to: (same port)

Spring Plot Update

04-14-2019 by Skew
Dukat and Skew are going on vacation! Here's what all has been happening and some things we have planned for the near future.

XP Tokens

04-10-2019 by Skew
We've updated what all XP Tokens can be used for! Link contained below! This is a system we're TESTING, so things might change.

For a complete list of announcements, please check the announcements page.

Recent Stories

2019/07/06 A Royal Wedding (Public Event)
Greycastle - 2019/07/06
Participants: Lady Leandra Caliborne, Sandryne Vale, High Lady Juliet Calador, Calderon Draven, Hallvardr Vardkenson, Andraste Morstein, Marguerite Draven, Kaine, Oliver Vale, Jane Reynolds
The wedding of King Sirion Peredhil and Lady Leandra Caliborne takes place without incident at the Temple of Sky. The ceremony was performed by Father Ambrose, who traveled from Coventry. She was sworn in as a member of House Peredhil, pledging her life and devotion to the King, as well as the Feder...
2019/06/23 Court Assembly (June 2019) (Public Event)
Greycastle - 2019/06/23
Participants: High Lady Juliet Calador, Lady Leandra Caliborne, Marguerite Draven, Andraste Morstein, Jane Reynolds, Lucas Wyatt, Sandryne Vale, Oliver Vale, Kaine, Calderon Draven
King Sirion holds court! The biggest topic is Juliet Calador being elevated to High Lady. Full story below.
2019/06/12 Founding of Carlottas Rest (Public Event)
Elsewhere - 2019/06/12
Participants: Oliver Vale, Jane Reynolds, Bryn Cotter, Lucas Wyatt, Artura Nemoris, Ahlrada, Kaine
After weeks of recuperation, and time to put one's mind and soul back together, the refugees from Agyris' Nightraiders find themselves being led across the plains and the woods of Leanantla. Through the Emerald Mire they traversed and saw the beginnings of their new home: "Carlotta's Rest", named fo...
2019/06/07 Hungry Like The Wolf (Minor)
Greycastle - 2019/06/07
Participants: Kaine, Oliver Vale, Sandryne Vale, Marguerite Draven
A pack of wolves abandoned by their master goes feral and starts attacking Greycastle's citizens! A group rallies to cull the beasts.
2019/05/04 The Death of Bishop Montt (Major)
Coventry - 2019/05/04
Participants: Bishop Montt, Bryn Cotter
While in a secretive meeting with one of his monks, Bishop Montt is struck down by a mysterious assassin. God bless the Bishop. God bless the Federation.

To see more stories, visit the stories page.

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Dark Age: Redemption is a Player-Ran Online RP-required Game. To play here, you must submit an application and receive approval from staff.

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Once you have your application submitted, you can download the Dark Age game client here. You MUST use that client, you MUST update fully, and you MUST verify your install (it's a button on the patcher).