Lady Leandra Caliborne

From Dark Age Redemption

Full Name Queen Leandra Peredhil
Status Active
Concept Lady Luck
Race Human
Origin Coventry
Age 21
Height 5'3"
Build Lithe
Hair Red with a slight wave, Long
Eyes Blue
Profession Noblewoman
Affiliation Conclave, House Peredhil
Discord Drucilla
Canta Per Me
Canta per me addio

Quel dolce suono
De' passati giorni
Mi sempre rammenta

La vita dell'amore
Dilette del cor mio
O felice, tu anima mia
Canta adagio

Tempra la cetra e canta
Il inno di morte
A noi si schiude il ciel
Volano al raggio

La vita dell'amore
O Dilette del cor mio
O felice, tu anima mia
Canta addio

La vita dell'amore
O Dilette del cor mio


Leandra is a new member of House Peredhil, the only daughter born to Earl Wilhem and Countess Minerva Caliborne. She is fairly friendly with everyone, despite their rank within society, and tries to do what she believes is right. She has a deep seated curiosity for the unknown, as well as a love of books of all types. Being described as a bit odd by others, she doesn't fit the typical mold for a noblewoman.


  • Nobility - She is a member of the nobility and is quite proud of that.
  • Magic - She is curious of magic and it's inner workings, as she was discovered to have witchblood.
  • Tailor - One of the many skills she's learned, thanks to her lessons as a noble child.
  • Animals - She has bred and trained horses and bears.
  • Ambitious - Leandra is always looking for ways to elevate herself and find a place where she belongs.


Leandra is an incredibly lovely young lady of 20 years of age. She has long, slightly wavy red hair that falls just above waist length. She has a lithe, graceful build, and pale skin that is without a single blemish upon it. Her eyes are a deep shade of blue, a look of maturity lying within their depths, despite her youthful face. She is always well dressed, wearing various shades of dress, but always a gold cloak, the color of her House.

Public Background

Leandra is the only child of Earl Wilhelm Caliborne and Countess Minerva Caliborne. Both her father and mother had their own titles when they married, making her nobility from both sides of her family with a rather sizable estate near Coventry. Growing up, nursemaids did the majority of the actual raising of Leandra, up until the point where she was sent away for the sake of furthering her lessons at age 7. After some years passed and her lessons concluded, Leandra returned home to make her debut into society. It wasn't long before Wilhelm and Minerva came to the decision that she would act as their representative in order to have a more active presence in Greycastle. Leandra agreed, eager for the chance to find her own place in the world and possibly discover more of the world's mysteries.

Since arriving in Greycastle, Leandra has experienced her fair share of hardships. Aside from losing precious friends, she was kidnapped by the madman named Doctor Fayth, thanks to the special nature of her blood. Doctor Fayth experimented on her, locking her in a deep pool of blood for days to tread water. This led to her drowning a total of eight times while in captivity, but eventually escaping thanks to the efforts of the many people of Greycastle.

Once returned to the city, Leandra had a fairly quiet day to day life. High Lord Percival Calador proposed a courtship between the two of them, to which Leandra accepted. The courtship, however, didn't last long, as High Lord Calador went missing not long after. With the courtship dissolved, she then began a correspondence with King Sirion Peredhil. The two spent a good deal of time together, leading to King Peredhil request to court Leandra officially. Her parents accepted, urging her to make this union work.

After a period of time, Leandra and Sirion were married and she was crowned Queen Leandra Peredhil, officially joining House Peredhil, as well as appeasing a number of the noble Houses in Coventry. Since marrying the King, Leandra has been put in place as a member of the High Council, as well as giving birth to a healthy baby boy, much to the King's delight. The baby was named Prince Casimir Marcus Peredhil, after both Leandra's great, great grandfather and Sirion's own father, King Marcus Peredhil.


  • King Sirion Peredhil - Husband
  • Prince Casimir Marcus Peredhil - Son
  • High Lady Marguerite Draven - Ally and Friend
  • Lord Calderon Draven - Friendly Acquaintance
  • Lord Andronicus Morstein - Ally and Friend
  • Lord Marcellus Morstein - Friendly Acquaintance
  • Marcel Black - Friendly Acquaintence
  • Lady Juliet Calador-Vayne - Ally and Friend
  • Ser Sorin Vayne - Ally and Friend
  • High Commander Kaine Stoneson - Ally and Friend


2019/07/06 A Royal Wedding (Public Event)
Greycastle - 2019/07/06
Participants: Lady Leandra Caliborne, Sandryne Vale, High Lady Juliet Calador, Calderon Draven, Hallvardr Vardkenson, Andraste Morstein, Marguerite Draven, Kaine, Oliver Vale, Jane Reynolds, Magda
The wedding of King Sirion Peredhil and Lady Leandra Caliborne takes place without incident at the Temple of Sky. The ceremony was performed by Father Ambrose, who traveled from Coventry. She was sworn in as a member of House Peredhil, pledging her life and devotion to the King, as well as the Feder...
2019/06/23 Court Assembly (June 2019) (Public Event)
Greycastle - 2019/06/23
Participants: High Lady Juliet Calador, Lady Leandra Caliborne, Marguerite Draven, Andraste Morstein, Jane Reynolds, Lucas Wyatt, Sandryne Vale, Oliver Vale, Kaine, Calderon Draven
King Sirion holds court! The biggest topic is Juliet Calador being elevated to High Lady. Full story below.
2019/06/01 Draven and Morstein tie the knot (Personal)
Coventry - 2019/06/01
Participants: Andraste Morstein, Calderon Draven, Marguerite Draven, Marcellus Morstein, Alphonse Volk, Kaine, Frederick Calador, Juliet Vayne-Calador, Jane Reynolds, Oliver Vale, Sandryne Vale, Sashana Sinclair, Lady Leandra Caliborne
Lord Calderon Draven and Lady Andraste Morstein were married at the church in Coventry. Lady Leandra Caliborne officiated the ceremony.
2019/05/30 Retaking Agryis Pt 5 (Major)
Agryis - 2019/05/30
Participants: Kaine, Hallvardr Vardkenson, Marguerite Draven, Lady Leandra Caliborne, Marcellus Morstein, Artura Nemoris, Lucas Wyatt, Jane Reynolds, Dame Fionna Bennett, Oliver Vale, Giraud Brune, Ahlrada, Sashana Sinclair, Bryn Cotter, Andraste Morstein
The Nightraiders have surrendered. The Federation comes together to escort the prisoners and the innocent refugees out of Agryis and through the Drearwood to the safety of Federation lands.
2019/05/14 Retaking Agryis - Part IV (Major)
Agryis - 2019/05/14
Participants: Ahlrada, Andraste Morstein, Calderon Draven, Jane Reynolds, Lady Leandra Caliborne, Marcellus Morstein, Marguerite Draven, Sashana Sinclair, Virgle
Federation forces, led by a joint effort between House Draven and House Morstein, gathered for another push against the restless undead and the Nightraiders still firmly entrenched in their ill-gotten stronghold. Along the way, the liberators found a curious stone - and a journal containing cryptic ...
2019/05/09 Draven Masquerade Ball (Public Event)
Greycastle - 2019/05/09
Participants: Artura Nemoris, Bainisk Raprasad, Calderon Draven, Giraud Brune, Jane Reynolds, Kaine, Klausghet Balden, Lady Leandra Caliborne, Lucas Wyatt, Marcellus Morstein, Marguerite Draven, Oliver Vale, Sandryne Vale, Sashana Sinclair, Ahlrada
High Lady Marguerite Draven and Lady Leandra Caliborne organized a grand fete - a masquerade ball! Held at the Draven stronghold of Verdant Point, the costume party featured talented musicians, lavish food and drinks, and a sizzling eve of mysterious entertainment. Guests adopted new personas and de...
2019/05/04 Into The Priory Cache (Major)
Elsewhere - 2019/05/04
Participants: Calderon Draven, Sandryne Vale, Lady Leandra Caliborne, Ethan of Blackmount, Oliver Vale, Klausghet Balden
The Conclave of Minerva arranges an expedition to the supposed location of an old Priory store. Inside, they find many curiosities... including a magical assistant to speaks to them, a security system that deems them intruders, and a crystal power source that ends up smashed.
2019/04/06 King Peredhil's Visit to Verdant Point (Minor)
Greycastle - 2019/04/06
Participants: Marguerite Draven, Marcellus Morstein, Sashana Sinclair, Giraud Brune, Lady Leandra Caliborne
King Sirion Peredhil stops by Verdant Point, home to Great House Draven, during a tour of Greycastle and the surrounding lands.
2019/03/31 Assembly of Peers - Mar 2019 (Major)
Greycastle - 2019/03/31
Participants: Calderon Draven, Cameron Winters, Ethan of Blackmount, Kaine, Rebekka Green, Sashana Sinclair, Uther Drake, Marguerite Draven, Giraud Brune, Lady Leandra Caliborne
The King calls the Peers of the Realm to a meeting. Appointments are made, news is shared, and, most importantly, the King announces his permanent relocation to Greycastle. Things in the Federation are changing.
2019/03/17 Tournament of Strength (Public Event)
Greycastle - 2019/03/17
Participants: Ethan of Blackmount, Kaine, Bryn Cotter, Marguerite Draven, Lady Leandra Caliborne
House Draven hosts the Tournament of Strength. Brave men duel one another... and then comes the bear baiting!
2019/02/18 The Bad Doctor (Major)
Portcross - 2019/02/18
Participants: Sashana Sinclair, Kaine, Lord Calderon Draven, Sandryne Vale, Marguerite Draven, Lady Leandra Caliborne
The witch of Portcross showed the world that horrors beyond that of standard criminal brutality existed when powers were left unchecked behind closed doors. By the use of their own vessels, Veronika and Leandra were able to break down Fayth's wards guarding his lair. All of his monstrous experimen...