Klausghet Balden

From Dark Age Redemption

Balden2 lap.jpg
Full Name Klausghet Balden
Status Active
Concept Humble Helpful Man
Race Human
Origin Andal
Age 33
Height 1.75 Mt
Build Sportsmanlike
Hair Ginger
Eyes Dark Green
Profession Blacksmith, Battle Medic
Affiliation House Draven
Discord Evincar


Whoever has had nothing and knows how to recognize that nothing is, is always at the faithful service of others. Notable blacksmith and a reliable man of his word.


In service - Faithful and at the service of others Blacksmith - A renowned artisan of arms and armor. Dual Swords - In love with Dual Swords


Grateful for the opportunities and responsibilities that life has given him, he spends most of his time dedicated to the care of his lords. Always researching the best places to gather the precious metals for his creations.

Public Background

The legacy that he brings in his gut only leaves him with the bitter gulp of what was, of what happened one night when he lost everything ... without wanting to seek a revenge and remembering with each day that he has of life, he dedicated himself to service of people, their motto: there is more happiness in giving than in receiving.


Great House Draven - His Beloved Lords


2019/05/09 Draven Masquerade Ball (Public Event)
Greycastle - 2019/05/09
Participants: Artura Nemoris, Bainisk Raprasad, Calderon Draven, Giraud Brune, Jane Reynolds, Kaine, Klausghet Balden, Lady Leandra Caliborne, Lucas Wyatt, Marcellus Morstein, Marguerite Draven, Oliver Vale, Sandryne Vale, Sashana Sinclair, Ahlrada
High Lady Marguerite Draven and Lady Leandra Caliborne organized a grand fete - a masquerade ball! Held at the Draven stronghold of Verdant Point, the costume party featured talented musicians, lavish food and drinks, and a sizzling eve of mysterious entertainment. Guests adopted new personas and de...
2019/05/04 Into The Priory Cache (Major)
Elsewhere - 2019/05/04
Participants: Calderon Draven, Sandryne Vale, Lady Leandra Caliborne, Ethan of Blackmount, Oliver Vale, Klausghet Balden
The Conclave of Minerva arranges an expedition to the supposed location of an old Priory store. Inside, they find many curiosities... including a magical assistant to speaks to them, a security system that deems them intruders, and a crystal power source that ends up smashed.