House Peredhil

From Dark Age Redemption

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Full Name House Peredhil
Status Active
Concept Justice is Righteousness
Location Greycastle
Recruiting Closed


House Peredhil 605 MR - Present Symbol: Silver Shield Mantra: Justice is Righteousness Head: Marcus Peredhil Current: Sirion Peredhil Curriculum:

The highest and largest order of virtue, the guild of knights and squires alike have also made their mark in history. Marcus Peredhil called all with Greycastle in the name of justice to devote their monies and talents to re-build the Federation in the likeness of their own unity. He chose the iron-clad military headquarters left from House Bratak, and from it rose the pearl-casted cathedrals and temples devoted to worship and meditation. Through his direction, Coventry was erected in its place and passed on to Sirion to fulfill the dreams for the House of Justice.

With Sirion’s arrival in the new city came the preposition to form a joint-alliance with the newly built Greycastle. A working patronage was established between the nobles of Greycastle; Coventry would send its young squires to reside in Greycastle as paid guardsmen with an additional gratuity to fund the protection and care for the priests who served in Coventry.

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Dyne Tamnaier

Dyne Tamnaier
Born Again Mercenary

Lady Leandra Caliborne

Queen Leandra Peredhil
Lady Luck

Sashana Sinclair

Sashana Danielle Sinclair
Farm-Girl turned Aristocrat

Vera Aguilar

Vera Aguilar
Witch doctor