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Below is a list of items available for purchase through our donation system. To Donate please visit Paypal and send desired amount to along with your donation request.

Please include account and character name in the notes of Paypal donation.

Donation ($): Category: Donation Loyalty Reward: Description:
$5 Character Submit a Custom Avatar Portrait You may submit a custom avatar to be used on your characters .look profile. Once submitted and approved by the staff, the change will take place during the next art update.

Note: Due to the limited size of the art files the staff reserves the right to remove the avatars of characters who have been deleted or inactive for two months or more.

Avatars should be emailed to as 32-bit 115×180 .bmp files. Try to aim for the smallest possible file size, if you are able to.

Also note: Photographs (or drawings) of real people are not accepted in any circumstances. We also do not accept 3D art. The submitted avatar should be either traditional or digital 2D art.

Limited quantity available.

$5 Character Custom Hair Re-Hueing Applies to one character only. You can request to have a custom hair color.

The staff reserves the right to refuse any lore-inappripriate hues. For example, no neon colors or otherwise strange looking palettes that look out of place for your character’s chosen race.

$5 Item Re-ID and Rename an Item You get to rename and re-ID one item of your choosing (decorative or equipment) to something else you wish. When it comes to equipment, this includes the Quality attribute and the .look description of the item. The maker’s mark may also be changed or removed altogether if the player so wishes.

The actual stats will not be modified under any circumstances! The staff will reserve the right to refuse the item, should they judge that the new name or ID is not lore-appropriate. In such case the player will simply be asked to come up with something else.

$10 Character Experience & Character Points Increasing one of your character’s Experience Points by 50,000 and that character’s Character Points by 10,000.

The total amount of these points cannot exceed your Character Point cap.

$10 Character, Reforge Character Reforge, Partial Partial Character Reforge means that you get to change one of your characters’ Skills, Stat Points and Background Feats. If you choose this option, you will be able to go back to the character creation chamber and reassign all your points, using the full amount of Experience Points and Skill Points you had before. You will be able to keep all your possessions.

Note, that the staff reserves right to grant Partial Character Reforges to those people who have shown truly marvelous role-playing in the shard. Partial Character Reforges may also occasionally be granted as gifts to everyone in the shard during special occasions, such as major holidays. However, the players should not take this for granted; they may not necessarily be granted every holiday.

$10 Housing Custom Bathtub Staff will build the player a bath for their home – they must have already purchased a home before donating.
$10 Pet Mount Re-hue You may choose a custom color for your mount. No, you may not have a hot pink horse.
$20 Account 3rd Character Slot Opens 3rd character slot available to you. You can have 3 active characters.

Note: You need to unlock 3rd Character Slot before you can unlock the 4th.The staff reserves the right to potentially award the 3rd Character Slot for free to those players who have distinguished themselves by showing truly exceptional role-playing.

$20 Character Experience & Character Points Increasing one of your character’s Experience Points by 150,000 and that character’s Character Points by 25,000.

The total amount of these points cannot exceed your Character Point cap.

$20 Character, Reforge Character Reforge, Full Same as Partial Reforge, but instead of keeping the same character, you can create (after you apply for) a new one, using the Experience Points, Character Points and any gold you had with your old character, who will cease existing. All other property will be deleted and homes will be repossessed.

Note, that the staff will reserve right to grant free Full Character Reforges to those players whose characters may have died in a way that it benefits the progression of story and lore of the shard. These ways include (but aren’t limited to) the following: heroic deaths, deaths of true martyrdom, unjust executions, unwarranted or unfair assassinations, highly notable duels of life and death, or other such notable events that benefit the shard by creating atmosphere, stories, lore and so forth.

$25 Housing Purchase Additional House All characters are limited to 1 private residence by default. Donating $25 allows them to purchase additional private houses. Cannot exceed two homes maximum.
$25 Item GM House Decorating Service A GM will be hired to fully decorate your home.

No containers will be given.

$30 Account 4th Character Slot Opens 4th character slot available to you. You can have 4 active characters.

Note: You can’t open the 4th slot before opening the 3rd.

$30 Housing Player Hideout Normally the size of your Hideout housing zones can’t exceed 64 square tiles in total (with maximum rank). Choosing this reward grants you a Hideout zones of 128 square tiles in total. The said area can be of any shape. However, you need to have Hideout skill of rank 3 (maximum) before this reward can be granted to you.
$30 Character Maximum Character Points Get maximum amount of Character Points available to your character. This means, that you can purchase all the skills you want instantly.

The amount may not exceed your current Character Point Cap.

$60 Character Maximum Experience Points Get maximum amount of Experience Points. This means that you make it instantly to maximum level and thus have all the possible Stat Points that your character can naturally get by normal gameplay means.