Death and the Godsworn

From Dark Age Redemption

There has been many a will inside each man and yet, none has been greater than the search to forgo death and prolong life on Terra. Death eventually takes us all in one way or another, and while the magnitude of a person’s life may always be debated, the nature of ceasing to exist has been an agreeable displeasure for all. To refute the desire to live forever would be blasphemous unto the cosmos, and yet none would dare admit how many times they have tried to out-smart nature’s course. Eridan is the symbol of death. It wafts a fume of men’s fallen eagerness to bypass the giant wall that cut short all pursuits of glory and longevity no matter the cost. Their prayers toward their idols and mystics were not taken to Leanantla, and so the first generation peoples knew better than the repeat stark words that destroyed kingdoms time after time. Men finally surrendered to the prospect of death at Leanantla’s shores, hopeful for something like providence to ensure the safety of their children until history was made from the ruling noble houses…

“Alas, I report as witness from mine own eyes at the closure of this great war with the deep dwellers. I promise all the veracity of these words; there are some amongst us who were brutalized on the field past the point of recognition, and yet after a moment of still death, their consciousness returned. By Mercanius I swear, that there is a chosen lot within our company who cannot die…” —Anonymous

The harvest of virtue was henceforth discovered and credit was traced to Mercanius, who paved the way to the sky above and presented the three houses of virtue to the world. Nobles flocked to these blessed people, or ‘Godsworn,’ and by oaths taken in the past to the House of Sky, souls were granted passage passed death’s door when the body was harmed passed consciousness. The miracle of physical and spiritual restoration was enamored by those who witnessed men enter a ‘sleep’ after a mortal wound and then return to life without any aid save from the miracle of his or her god. This is not to say that the Godsworn can be wounded, as only so many a plea can be made to God before the soul is permanently destroyed.

The last notes of being Godsworn was primarily noted during the era of baronial revolt, which documented the reality that all Godsworn can recognize one another, and are most capable of disposing of each other should there be need. It is also now apparent that not all who are Godsworn are current practitioners of virtue. This would suggest that the blessed gift of God was passed on through ancestral oath taking and bidding for the days to come, although few will argue that God has chosen his favorites despite their actions to please him.