From Dark Age Redemption

Death is always a looming threat in Dark Age: Redemption. As a player, however, you take control of what is known as a "Godsworn".

The true meaning of what it is to be a Godsworn may be lost with the rest of the histories on man, but what is certain: these men and women have the unique ability to recover from even the most grievous of injuries, and may recover from common wounds far more quickly than the common man. It is said that a Godsworn can even cheat death itself. That is… to an extent.

Each time a Godsworn uses their innate ability to recover, it puts a great strain on their spirit; the greater the wound, the more the strain. In theory, those with the greatest willpower might even be able to heal from dismemberment… but, there are limits to everything.

When your character falls in battle, your character has a chance to gain an injury ranging from minor bleeding to a broken back. The more injuries left untreated, the higher the chance that your Godsworn character will take on more serious injuries. Another Godsworn character can even use the .wound command to attempt to finally end your character's life. The more pre-existing wounds, the more chance of a .wound killing your character. Should they fail to permanently kill the character, expect to still get a serious injury from the experience. (Note: .wounding another character should not be taken lightly. Expect these rare occurrences to be heavily scrutinized by both the playerbase and staff.)

Luckily, a skilled surgeon can treat injuries. Barring that, time is the great healer of all.

Godsworn can usually recognize each other, so expect this to be taken into account if your character is ever captured or arrested. For a description of the Laws and Punishments of the Federation and how they relate to Godsworn, please see the link below (available soon).