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This page holds staff announcements. Please click the announcement title to see the full announcement, as some have additional explanations within.

Andal and Orcs

01-20-2020 by Skew
The Great White North has finally opened! We are likewise accepting applications for orcs.


01-20-2020 by Skew
We are introducing a new system, Artificing!

Material Changes

07-26-2019 by Skew
We're making changes to materials! Specifically those used to make weapons and armor. Read below!

Enchantment vellum

07-15-2019 by Valman
Enchantment vellum: a new item type to improve your build with.

Summer Plot Update

07-04-2019 by Skew
It's that time again! This is a summary of most of the plots that are currently in motion to help everyone catch up.

Crafting updates!

06-12-2019 by Sulia
You will have your Master Works!


05-31-2019 by Skew
The Magic system is in! If you're interested, please click the post and read more. Note: Magic is only available with staff approval!

Updated address and launcher!

05-23-2019 by Skew
We've updated the DarkAge.exe launcher/patcher and formally shifted to a new address: -- more details below.

Connection issues?

05-11-2019 by Skew
We're in the middle of renewing the address that's default in the Dark Age launcher. For now, you can connect directly to: (same port)

Spring Plot Update

04-14-2019 by Skew
Dukat and Skew are going on vacation! Here's what all has been happening and some things we have planned for the near future.

XP Tokens

04-10-2019 by Skew
We've updated what all XP Tokens can be used for! Link contained below! This is a system we're TESTING, so things might change.

Devlog 4 - Magic and Mercenaries

04-06-2019 by Valman
A quick overview of the last few weeks of development, focusing on the magic system and re-introducing mercenaries.

Durability changes

03-25-2019 by Valman
Changes to how item durability works, across weapons, armour and shields.

Building Toward Magic

03-18-2019 by Skew
Magic is coming! And we want to clear up some misconceptions, OOC and IC.

Code Changes - Durability, Artificer Tools, Puzzle Boxes

03-14-2019 by Skew
Weapons + armor will start taking durability damage in noticeable amounts. The Artificer Tool new requires Carpentry 3 to use. Puzzle box weapons + armor are lower quality. See more notes below.

The Wiki

03-11-2019 by Skew
We now have a wiki! Would you like an account? Contact a staffer on Discord!