Updated address and launcher!

From Dark Age Redemption

by Skew 05.23.2019
We've updated the DarkAge.exe launcher/patcher and formally shifted to a new address: -- more details below.

As most folks have heard, we had DNS issues. The address for the game (darkagerp.ddns... etc) was a free service and required constant renewing. We are now using an address that we own, so no need for the renewals! However, due to the way some of our program works, the update will no happen automatically for existing players. You'll have to take a few steps to get yourself updated.

Step 1
Download the new patcher. You can find it right here. Please note that this is a .exe file, and directly downloading unverified .exe files triggers some antivirus programs. If that doesn't work, you can contact staff for help.
Step 2
Place the DarkAge executable in your /Dark Age/ folder. For most people, this will be c:\Program Files\Dark Age\. You should already have a DarkAge executable in this folder, and so you must overwrite the existing app.
Step 3
Run DarkAge.exe. If you connect via standard UO, everything should be groovy. If you use Steam, select the Steam icon and look for "" in the address box. If it says that, you're done! If it still has the old address, continue to Step 4.
Step 4
Navigate to c:\Program Files\Dark Age\Steam and look for "launcher" (or launcher.xml). Select this file, delete it. Go back to to the previous folder and run DarkAge.exe (repeat step 3). It should now say "" in the address bar. If it does not, continue to Step 5.
Step 5
Navigate to c:\Program Files\Dark Age\Steam and find the "launcher" (launcher.xml) file again. Right click on this file and select "Edit". This should open notepad (or another editor, if you have one configured). You will see a line for the address, which lists "", replace that with The port should remain the same (2593). Save this file, launch DarkAge. You're all set!