Summer Plot Update

From Dark Age Redemption

by Skew 07.04.2019
It's that time again! This is a summary of most of the plots that are currently in motion to help everyone catch up.

Hi all! We've got a lot going on. A lot of fingers in a lot of fires and the like, and while it may appear like things are getting left behind, we're fairly sure we've got a pretty good grasp on things, and we'd like you to, as well!

So, the following is a general update of ALL THE THINGS... and anyone with reasonable access to information could know about these in game. If anything sounds curious to you and you want to know more? Ask someone. There's a lot of information that doesn't spread, and not because anyone's hoarding it, but because no one asks and no one thinks to tell.


  • Many years ago, Agryis was overran by the Nightraiders, a mysterious band of its that rose up seemingly from nowhere and took the city. Since then, the Federation has been slowly working on plans to liberate the city.
  • While the Nightraiders were living in Agryis, something happened... resulting in the undead marching out of the Drearwood and into the city.
  • High Lord Adrian Firsprin, with the help of House Draven, led an attack against Agryis. Federation forces liberated the fort to the west of Agryis and then caved in the tunnel leading further into the city. While the motivations were unclear at first, it came to light that Lord Adrian was planning for the undead to slaughter the bandits.
  • At a party to celebrate the victory in Agryis (before any actual victory was achieved!), Lord Adrian is murdered by a woman (Alice Wolfe) who was somehow associated with the demon Muse. In a very odd turn of events, Muse ended up locked away in the Abyss. Command of the Agryis situation passed to House Draven.
  • Draven leads a team to clear the cave-in and reopen access to Agryis. They find the undead have, indeed, slain the Nightraiders... but that has resulted in the Nightraiders walking again, dead and dangerous.
  • Draven leads an extended campaign and slowly reclaims Agryis, bit by bit. The dead continue to prowl. The remaining Raiders lock themselves into the Ring Fort, at the center of Agryis.
  • Whispers spread of an assassination made against the Nightraider leader. Others talk of an internal struggle and the overthrowing of the leaders. Whatever the case, a white flag raises over Agryis. The remaining Raiders have surrendered.
  • Federation forces slowly reveal information that suggest the Raiders were compelled by an evil force, which subverted their will and pushed them into war against the Federation. House Draven accepts lenient terms for the surrender.
  • The remaining Raiders, most of their fighters dead and those remaining just the old and the young, are escorted out of Agryis, through the Drearwoods, and to Lord Artura Nemoris' hold.
  • House Draven leads a gathering of the faithful into Agryis. They perform a ritual blessing of the land, and drive away the worst of the death energies. The dead fall... and stay fallen. Restoration efforts can truly begin.
  • High Lady Marguerite Draven is appointed governess of Agryis by King Sirion.

Carlotta's Rest

  • While the situation in Agryis is unfolding, King Sirion announces the creation of The Barony of New Agryis. Lord Artura Nemoris is elevated to Baron.
  • Baron Artura agrees to take in the refugees (the non-fighters) from Agryis and house them in New Agryis.
  • New Agryis is formally named Carlotta's Rest. New houses and farms are built to accommodate the refugees.

The Sentient

  • A man(?) appears in Carlotta's Reach, making threats of violence and wielding powerful magic. The creature is revealed to be "The Sentient", and information comes out that the previous leader of the Nightraiders is called "The Sentient".
  • The Sentient spreads terror and violence through the land.
  • The Sentient takes on the visage of House Draven's champion, Hallvardr. Eventually it is the real Hallvardr that ends the Sentient. Or so the story goes? Details seem incredibly vague and foggy.
  • Promises of another Sentient rising sweep the land.

Portcross, Fayth, and the Blood Drinkers

  • Previously, a madman named Doctor Fayth had taken up residence to the far south of Portcross. He performed foul magical rites on kidnapped victims, mutating them into monsters, and creating "the blood drinkers".
  • Fayth was slain by Federation forces, and High Lord Zachary Trevelyan was revealed to be in league with him. The High Lord is slain, as well.
  • Fayth's Laboratory becomes occupied by a new master, calling himself Zafir. This man (it's spoken in whispers) is a Liche and cannot die.
  • Federation forces again assault the laboratory and are able to secure a means of destroying this cursed immortality. The White Tree - previously a sign of evil - becomes the Gold Tree and no longer drinks blood sacrifices. The events seem to be related.
  • The laboratory is cleared once more and the entrance is sealed.
  • The Wardens and their allies ride out one final time to meet Zafir at the Oasis. There, he is defeated for good.

The Flash

  • Across the entire continent, purple flashes before the eyes of everyone. There and gone in a moment, it's the talk of the city... for a short while. Then it seems to die away, with most commoners not seeming to recall it happening at all.
  • Magic begins to reawaken in odd places. Individuals find themselves capable of using magic, old trinkets start to work again, and histories start to turn up.


  • King Sirion has continued a consolidation of power. The various Federation forces not directly responsible for guarding a noble estate have been outfitted in the same Federation Purple. The only exceptions are Draven and Morstein soldiers in Agryis... and the Wardens.
  • Lord Calderon Draven has married Lady Andraste Morstein, drawing the two houses ever closer together.
  • Sandryne and Oliver Vale, along with their whole family, are elevated to Nobility, serving as vassals of House Draven. Lady Sandryne is the head of the House.
  • King Sirion is set to marry Lady Leandra Caliborne. The Calibornes are long-time vassals of Peredhil, holding land in Coventry. Many see it as a move to keep the King's base of power strong and content.
  • Bishop Montt, long time leader of the Church of Sky and strong supporter of the Path of Power, was assassinated in Coventry. There has been no replacement chosen.

Court Assembly

  • High Lord Percival Calador was declared dead. His sister, Lady Juliet, was elevated as his replacement.
  • King Sirion proposed Ser Kaine be elevated to High Commander of the Steel Wardens, asking for a majority vote of the four High Houses. Calador and Peredhil voted in favor, Andraste and Draven voted against. Ser Kaine was not elevated, though remains acting Commander.
  • Lady Sandryne Vale, on behalf of the Conclave of Minerva, put forward a proposal that would lead to a change in the laws regarding Magic. As-is, Magic is defined as either Divine or Demonic. The Conclave posits there is another type of magic. The proposal is under consideration by King Sirion.

Unrest and Uncertainty

  • While the nobility has been overwhelming supportive of the refugees from Agryis, many Freefolk throughout the Federation resent the treatment of "enemies", especially while discontent simmers in Portcross, and attacks from monsters plague Greycastle.
  • The former High Commander, Dame Rebekka Green, abruptly stepped down from her position. Word is she's headed north, to Andal. Many are left quite unsettled.
  • Posters were hung by some mysterious party in Greycastle, depicting a green snake wrapped about a Warden. While many whisper about what the message might be, it is clear it has something to do with Draven and the Wardens. "Through Strength, Lay Claim," the posters say.


  • Deep under the ground to the East of Greycastle, something of a magical nature happened. Whatever it was, the result was a massive eruption of the small mountain range, sending ash into the sky and lava flowing into the river. No one seems aware of any previous volcanic activity in the area.
  • To the south, the volcano near Portcross Minor has showed increased activity, with numerous small eruptions. The eruptions are surely related.
  • To the southwest of Greycastle, near Draven Manor, a tunnel has collapsed and revealed what can only be described as an underground graveyard. The tombstones there date from the 400s to 500s, yet any reference to family names have been scratched out.


  • It has been months since anyone has heard from the Empire to the north. The border remains heavily patrolled and any seeking entry are violently ejected. Some whisper that something awful has happened...

The Future

So there it is, our current situation! Not every plot point was highlighted, just the ones that seem most relevant and important (by my measure!). If we've forgotten something, please feel free to contact skew or Dukat.

So, what's next to come?

The Nightraiders are gone, but the struggle is not over. Rebuilding of the city and rejuvenating the lands will likely take years. Anyone interested in Agryis' situation should contact Marguerite or Calderon.
The Sentient
One Sentient was present in Agryis. One more plagued the lands between Greycastle and Coventry. No one knows quite what will come next, but the people in the know are confident there will be another.
As violence continues in Greycastle, the Freefolk grow concerned. In Coventry, the Bishop has been assassinated and a series of murders have been found. In Portcross, the branded are increasingly discontent and afraid. To make it all worse, the farmlands near Portcross Minor remain blighted, and have been totally abandoned. Food shortages are approaching quickly.
Relics have been popping up all over the land. Individuals have been unlocking their magical abilities. What will come next is an unknown... but many are worried.
The situation in the north will settle... somehow, in some way. Something has to give. And almost surely whatever is happening up north will become the problem of the Federation.