Spring Plot Update

From Dark Age Redemption

by Skew 04.14.2019
Dukat and Skew are going on vacation! Here's what all has been happening and some things we have planned for the near future.

Current IG Situation Update

Hi all! We've got a lot going on. A lot of fingers in a lot of fires and the like, and while it may appear like things are getting left behind, we're fairly sure we've got a pretty good grasp on things, and we'd like you to, as well!

So, the following is a general update of ALL THE THINGS... and anyone with reasonable access to information could know about these in game. If anything sounds curious to you and you want to know more? Ask someone. There's a lot of information that doesn't spread, and not because anyone's hording it, but because no one asks and no one thinks to tell.


The story thus far....

  • About 2 (IG) years back, there was the festival of Tamed Winds. From the wiki...
Agryis is commissioned by Greycastle to summon all citizens of the Federation for a festival of the ‘Tamed Wilds.’ All in attendance are to witness and partake in festival food and drink, games, and tutelage of combat. The most reputable of the Federation has been selected to conduct these festivities, anticipating opportunities to observe and engage in a personalized census of the Federation abroad.
The Festival is abruptly cut short by the rise of the Night Raiders. The Steward of Agryis commits suicide, but not before murdering the doctor Claire Vayne in cold blood before several witnesses. Agryis is sacked. The survivors of the Federation are led by Lord Percival Calador to escape through a connection of caves, escorting them to the safety within Greycastle’s walls.
  • For a while, nothing much came of this. Agryis was controlled by the Night Raiders, the Agryisian refugees scattered about the Federation, and plans started to reclaim the city.
  • The Outpost is erected by House Calador, with the help of House Firsprin, to protect the Federation from the increasingly powerful brigands and bandits.
  • At some point... or some reason!... the dead leave the nearby Drearwoods and begin to filter into Agryis.
  • House Firsprin and House Draven announce their plans to attack Agryis. About a RL month ago the attack commences and the Federation secures the outpost directly outside of Agryis. Story:Retaking_Agryis,_Pt_1
  • House Draven leads an assault against Agryis. They breach the tunnel and surround the inner ring fort. The Federation finds all(?) the Night Raiders have been slain, eaten, etc, by the dead... and now walk as dead themselves. Nightraiders remain inside the ring fort, their last holdout.

Portcross, Fayth, and the Blood Drinkers

  • Portcross (And the surrounding area) houses most of the Federation's "Branded". Branding is a regular punishment for crimes of various natures, and often comes with a period of labor/servitude.
  • Doctor Fayth, a mysterious figure, was found to be capturing Godsworn and "Witchblooded" from the Portcross area. He was doing experiments on them. He was working with the disgraced former High Lord Zachery Trevelyan.
  • The Federation forces assault Fayth's laboratory, find a lot of heinous stuff, and kill both Fayth and Trevelyan.
  • The nearby walled city, known as The Oasis, has become filled with "blood drinkers". These are the apparent result of Fayth's experimentation. Supernaturally powerful individuals that... drink blood.
  • The Wardens send out word that Branded are STILL being kidnapped from the quarry near Portcross. A group enters The Oasis to look for clues and set fire to it and rid the land of this scourge. The group achieves this, then re-enters Fayth's lab to find it has a new occupant.
  • The Oasis is found to be barred securely from the inside, preventing anything from going in or out. Animalistic howls can often be heard from inside come nightfall.
  • The Wardens are preparing to assault the re-occupied laboratory.


  • A gruesome scene is found beneath the well outside of Greycastle. A cult has conducted a ritual, and now these slimy black blobs are appearing everywhere, dripping acid.
  • Draven releases word to call the blobs by the name "troy" and no other name. Also, stay away from them!
  • Another gruesome scene is found in the farmlands, and more troktika.
  • We're not talking about the well.

The Viscount

... is probably is just a figment of everyone's imagination, right?

The Paths of God

Dukat has been running plots targeted at each individual path: Justice, Power, and Wisdom. These plots are, at present, mostly completed. Near the desert, there's talk of an old Monastery of Justice. By the volcano (near the desert), a shrine to Power is found.

The Wardens

  • The Wardens are given the city of Portcross and elevated to the status of High House. The Knight Commander becomes the High Commander or Lord Commander.
  • High Commander Alexander Trebich goes missing (see Muse, below).
  • Dame Rebekka Green is promoted to High Commander by the king at the Assembly of Peers. Story:Assembly_of_Peers_-_Mar_2019
  • Ser Kaine is promoted to Knight Captain of Coventry and Greycastle.
  • Ser Uther Drake is promoted to Knight Captain of the North.
  • The Wardens are recruiting! For great justice!

The Conclave of Minerva

  • Adrian Firsprin announces the return of the Conclave of Minerva, a formerly defunct group created as an alliance between the Academy of Blackmount and the nobility.
  • Brother Ethan, a Scholar of Blackmount, arrives in Greycastle to attend the meeting.
  • With Adrian dead, Brother Ethan proposes the Conclave continue forward as Adrian would have wanted. Sandryne Vale is elected Chair of the Conclave.


  • There are several things in the Path of Power's wheelhouse that are in the process of getting restarted. For now, there are Mercenaries for hire (okay not right now but like tomorrow) at the Roost (the big inn north west of Greycastle) as well as a Monster Hunt bounty.
  • Bryn Cotter is accepted as an acolyte into the Church of Sky. He preaches the Path of Power.


  • A demon (one guesses?) that feeds upon the dreams begins to terrorize Greycastle.
  • During Adrian Firsprin's victory party ( Story:Firsprins_Epic_Party ), Muse somehow captures a large group of the Federation's Godsworn... and Muse's servant, Malice, kills Adrian.
  • High Commander Alexander Trebich agrees to stay in The Void to keep Muse contained, while "a Virdd" helps the Godsworn escape. Muse is declared as good as dead.
  • News of Muse's return has recently began to sweep Grecyastle.


As we've tried to make clear, Dukat and I are mostly MIA from tomorrow (4/12) until after Easter (4/21). We are hoping this gives you all plenty of time to digest information, bring newcomers up to speed, and have a bit of a break. During our vacations, we'll be working on more lore!

When we return, we'll be picking up the following...

  • The end(?!) of the Nightraiders in Agryis.
  • The assault on Fayth's Laboratory (take 2).
  • Stories surrounding the slow release of PC-usable magic.

If I've missed something, please let me know! Otherwise, ask about this stuff in game! Love you all (except Hall)!