Material Changes

From Dark Age Redemption

by Skew 07.26.2019
We're making changes to materials! Specifically those used to make weapons and armor. Read below!

After much consideration, we've finally implemented some changes to material. This focuses on weapons and armor. The changes are not presently live, as they're still being merged in and cleaned up, but we expect this change to be live around July 29-30.

Short Version: We're making lower end resources less useful, higher end resources more useful, and masterworks less useful.

Long Version:

We've been eyeing the list of metals and hides for a long while. For those that were unaware, when it comes to armor, copper provides the same overall protection as bronze and iron. In certain instances, due to the type of armor, copper was actually better than bronze or iron. Better than steel, even! And this didn't sit well with us. So, with that in mind, we started working out changes to various things.

Metal Armor
Copper has been made slightly less effective, bronze remains the same, and about everything else has been improved. We've also tacked on more elemental resists.
Hide Armor
Regular hides are about the same, and about every other hide has been made better. We've also tacked on more elemental resists.
Masterwork Armor
No change.
Everything above bronze has been scaled up. Masterwork and EO weapons have been scaled down. Masterworks made out of copper and bronze will be less good. Masterworks made out of high end materials should stay the same. We feel that this is a really nice balance, considering that Masterworks are easier to come by, now. Your MW steel sword will stand head and shoulders above that MW copper sword! Just the same, an exceptional steel sword will now be something worth using, compared to copper.
There's rumors that there might be some new resources??? You'll have to wait and see.