From Dark Age Redemption

by Skew 05.31.2019
The Magic system is in! If you're interested, please click the post and read more. Note: Magic is only available with staff approval!

Hello everyone!

Most of you have been watching the progress as the magic system is developed. We're happy to say that it is now in it's "beta" state, and open to players. We still have a lot we want to do with it, including more spells, more flavor, more everything... but as-is, we have a decent selection of spells for each of our schools. For those that remember magic at the start of DA2... I can promise we have more than one spell available!

All that said, we need to go into how to get magic. There are two pathways.

New Characters

We are accepting new mages as new characters. You will need to include magic in your app, and the story should almost surely include a very recent awakening to powers. Please feel free to discuss with staff what that would look like if you're not sure. We are also requiring players pay 3 xp tokens to make a mage character.

This means that, yes, you cannot come entirely fresh to Dark Age and play a mage. We know this is a turn-off for some, but we believe our story is complex enough that coming in fresh and playing a mage would be extremely difficult and have bad results. If you have questions about this, please feel free to contact staff.

New mages can expect to start with their grimoire (spellbook) and one (1) spell from their school.

Existing Characters

Existing characters that wish to gain magic need to apply as well. Please apply using the character application form. If you have been pursuing magic but you've not applied, you probably will not find yourself getting magic. We simply don't have the resources to keep track of everyone and know who is taking in-game steps to reaching this.

That said, we do expect in-game steps, and upon being accepted (and paying 3 xp tokens, as above) you will be set on a path to learn magic. No one is getting a switch flicked and magic handed to them!

Again, if you have questions, talk to us. If you are interested in playing a mage but are not sure how you'll justify your character taking this path, talk to us. We're more than happy to tell a story for you, or tie into our existing stories. Just please remember, we're humans with families and jobs. We move at the speed of hobbyist.

More About Magic!

Our Town Hall to announce magic was long ago, so I'll do a little recap...

Learning Magic

Learning magic is done via curios. A curio is "a rare, unusual, or intriguing object". By and large, we can think of these as relics of magical days past, but there's a lot more to it than that. I won't go into it! But...

Once you've been approved for magic, staff will enable you for whichever school. At that point, you will need to find a curio to activate the school in-game. Generally speaking, this will be presented to you, given to you, you will be led to it, etc, through the story we have worked out. This may change, and "known curios" may become static objects that you can seek out once approved, but that's in the future.

After awakening your magic via curio, you will then look for new curios throughout the world. These are objects that may or may not present themselves as curios, but they will be actual in-game objects. You double click, you start learning a spell. Learning a spell takes ~1 week after you click the curio.

Now, like the initial "learning", spell curios may be handed to you or you may be guided to them by story... but we also might put some curios in curious spots. If you happen upon one that's for a spell that's for your school, and you touch it (dbl click), you'll start learning.

At present, it's that simple. Touch the curio once, start to learn. There is no "seek additional curios" to progress your learning.

Magic Schools

As aforementioned, we have different magical schools! Unlike DA2, we've distilled it all down into four...

This is the study of the arcane through an agnostic, intellectual standpoint. These are the wizards of old. This is carefully crafted spellwork and experimenting and testing. The Arcane tends to be more about the self than others and fairly stable (comparatively).
I won't go much into this, but it's about what it sounds like. Very powerful, very dangerous.
Channeling God's magic. The Divine school is replacing what we've previously seen in-game, in the Faith tree. By and large, we're going to be rolling most of the people who have the current Faith magic over to the Divine school. This will be, of course, case by case, and there will be some changes along the way. This is the most stable school of magic and is generally about supporting.
This is the Wild Magic of Terra. It is intuitive and emotional and, just like Terra, a bit unstable and unreliable. The magic itself is no more dangerous than the Arcane in terms of Backlash and hurting reality, but the effects tend to be more varied and potentially uncontrollable.
Okay, so this isn't a school... but for anyone who played a mage in DA2, they're familiar with appending additional variables onto the spell they're casting, such as "careful" or "effect". We have that here! You can cast a spell and attach metamagic to it and make it do additional things! So, a single target direct-damage spell turns into an area-of-effect spell! Want to know more? ... Find out in game!

The Downside

Okay, so why doesn't everyone get magic? Well...

First, the Greatweave tree of feats is expensive. I believe(?) everyone can see it in their skill tree. It is locked, but the point values are there. Expected to spend 10s of thousands of CP on magic.

Second, Magic is illegal*. Per the Federation laws, any magic is either Divine or Demonic. So, yes, the Divine school would technically be legal... but it becomes up to the practioner to prove to the Church and the nobility that their magic is, indeed, Godly. I will make clear... there's no way another PC can tell what type of magic you're using! But if it's not Divine... if the Church and nobility doesn't believe it's Divine... you will be treated harshly.

Third, We have brought back some of DA's delightful roots. We have backlash. This is, by and large, the weave rejecting your attempt to manipulate it. Backlash can occur from casting too strong a spell, applying too much metamagic, moving while you cast, casting in combat... etc etc etc. There's a LOT of ways to create backlash and a few ways to negate it. The effects of backlash range from damage to penalties to... [redacted].


I'll end with that. Thank you, Valman, for the coding. Thank you, players, for waiting patiently while we got something organic and original coded. Thank you, staffers, for all the work on getting this done.

And as ever... if you have any questions, please ask!