Enchantment vellum

From Dark Age Redemption

by Valman 07.15.2019
Enchantment vellum: a new item type to improve your build with.

Hello all.

Something which staff had been discussing is the lack of rewards for hunting: at the moment hunting just rewards the players with coin, but by now most people have enough gold to keep them going until the apocalypse comes.

There have been several ideas on how to improve this and I have been tackling one of them: enchantment vellum. Vellum comes in three power levels (weak, moderate and strong) and lets you enchant jewellery with various modifiers, such as additional health or HCI.


In a few days, you'll start seeing enchantment vellum drop in your hunts. Once you find one, you can apply it to a piece of jewellery to pass the effect from the vellum over to the item. Keep in mind that the vellum is a single-use item and that a jewellery piece can only be enchanted once.

Anyone can apply the enchantment but the item you're applying it needs to be of a certain quality:

Weak enchantment vellum Exceptional or better
Moderate enchantment vellum Extraordinary or better
Strong enchantment vellum Mastercrafted or better

Good hunting!