Devlog 4 - Magic and Mercenaries

From Dark Age Redemption

by Valman 04.06.2019
A quick overview of the last few weeks of development, focusing on the magic system and re-introducing mercenaries.

Great Weave, a limited rollout

Since the last devlog, I have been working on wrapping up as much as I could of the new magic system. It has taken a while, but as of earlier this week I was now in a position where the Great Weave system could now be merged into the live server. As you might remember from previous blog posts, it includes a large feat tree, several spell schools and a fair amount of spells.

We've decided to have a beta test period for this so I can iron out silly bugs and tweak values ahead of more general use. Once Dukat and skew are back from their holidays, the storyline will keep advancing and this system will begin to move toward player consumption. Staff will clarify how that is to go. :)

In the meantime, I will aim to do a couple of hunts over the course of the next two weeks to see how some of the spells fare. So far I have not seen any related crashes, but apologies if I bring the server down! I'll also be sorting out the bugs we've seen so far (it's amazing what a missing exclamation mark in the source code can do), but these shouldn't affect anyone.


Quite a while ago, the Leadership tree was disabled as mercenaries were the be-all end-all. Once levelled up, they were extremely powerful and had flawless parrying skills. Some of the Inspire auras were moved to the Invocation tree, but without the additional feats from Leadership which supported the Inspirations, they weren't terribly useful.

Sock has spent some time staring at this and has come up with a refactor of the system which I have now implemented.

The updated feat tree for Leadership is now as follows:

Leadership feats.png

In addition to this, a player can't have both Leadership Mastery and Animal Control at the same time, as both of these feats modify the maximum amount of control slots you'd have access to.

Finally, mercenaries will no longer be capable of flawless parrying: their Int stat has been capped to 70. They should still be quite useful, but you'd still prefer to have a high level doing the parrying over a mercenary.

These changes have been committed and you see them live tomorrow and staff will spend some time populating the world with mercenaries you will be able to hire.

Give them a try and let us know your thoughts. :)

Cheers, Valman