Code Changes - Durability, Artificer Tools, Puzzle Boxes

From Dark Age Redemption

by Skew 03.14.2019
Weapons + armor will start taking durability damage in noticeable amounts. The Artificer Tool new requires Carpentry 3 to use. Puzzle box weapons + armor are lower quality. See more notes below.

In an effort to help the economy and crafters, as well as squash remaining bugs, we've made the following changes (which are rolling out in the next few days, as of March 14 HappyPiDay).


  • Weapons + Armor now take durability damage!
  • Weapons have a 5% chance to be damaged on successful hit. That means ~1 damage per ~20 successful hits.
  • Armor has a 2.5% change to be damaged on hit. That means ~0-4 damage per 50 hits.
  • Note: The above numbers are VERY approximate and presented only to give you all a rough idea how this works. The code takes into consideration overall quality (exceptional, EO, MW), total durability, type of attacks, etc, etc, etc.
  • When an item reaches 25% durability, it should alert the owner.
  • When an item reaches 0 durability, it will break. Womp womp.
  • The design is that repairing can damage durability. The more damaged, the greater chance. This has not been tested, but please keep it mind! Repair often.
  • Please shower your smiths and tailors in love.

Artificer Tools

  • This now requires Carpentry 3 to use.
  • Please shower your carpenters in love.

Puzzle Boxes

Okay, so, we had a long, long talk about puzzle boxes. While not everything is totally decided, I wanted to let you all know that we are talking about this. We (and me, personally) really like puzzle boxes, but we do not want them replacing the PC economy. So, we've made the following changes...

  • There should be no more "unguarded" treasure boxes.
  • Treasures box attempts (submitting a combination) will reveal you. (This was added on Feb. 14 and is not new, just a reminder.)
  • Treasure box weapons + armor quality has been put in line with PC crafted gear. It should very rarely be better than EO/MW weapon/armor.
  • OOC INFORMATION: Some treasure box weapons + armor (the good stuff) is slightly magical. While this should not affect anyone's game play, it might come up, and it is the official reason for why some of this gear is so good. Characters can feel free to acknowledge that it's strange how sharp these blades are, or how sturdy this chainmail is. It's definitely a curiosity.
  • Going along with the above, we are planning to have weapon + armor enchantment. This is far off, but I'm mentioning it because it goes with the above. Already magical items (treasure box gear) will not be able to receive enchantment or enhancement.