Building Toward Magic

From Dark Age Redemption

by Skew 03.18.2019
Magic is coming! And we want to clear up some misconceptions, OOC and IC.

Hello everyone! I've gotten word from a few players that they are generally confused as to the state of magic, both where it currently is in development, what the mechanics will be, and what the lore behind it all is. So, after a talk with Dukat, I'm going to try to clarify some of this.

Mechanics and Stuff

  • Magic is in development! We're still a few weeks off before the beta copy is released to staff, wherein we will begin testing it. After that, when people can actually "get magic" has yet to be decided. As Sulia said during the open meeting we had, magic will not be rolled out without Blackmount and the lore surrounding it. That means there's a map element and a story element at play here, and all of that has to line up before we go forward.
  • As said in our meeting, the mechanics behind "getting" magic work as such: Staff approves a character to get magic. The character finds a "curio" to unlock magic. The character works toward magic. We have not solidified how this process works, but I wanted to make very clear to everyone how this starts. No one will be a mage without approval. There is no "race to find a curio first". Beyond that, we don't have the process laid out so I won't talk about any plans. We'll cement them when we get to play with the beta version of magic.
  • Some people have put magic in their application, some have already been working on this in-game. That's fine. If you've gotten a "yes" from staff, it will be coming, we're just not exactly sure when/how yet.
  • What's a curio? Mechanically, curios do things like: unlock magery, grant spells, progress research toward new spells, etc. Story wise, curios are... things. Curious, these curios. They are items of magical significance, but what they are, what they look like, etc, will be a matter of story.

The Story

Updated March 18, 2019

Now, this needs a lot of explaining, I think. I don't want to ruin or reveal anyone's story, but fact is, we got a lot of misinformation out there, and I want to clear it up. So I'm going to take this slow...

  • The law regarding magic has been changed. This is an official retcon. Dukat (our head of story) had always meant for "Divine Magic" to be legal, and other magic to be 1, theoretical, and 2, frowned upon. The new law is as such:
Consorting with demons brought the destruction of Mercia. Magic that is not of God is of demonic origin. Attempting to use magic, conjuring demons, or consorting with demons is illegal. The Academy of Blackmount has permission to study (but not practice or deal with) magic and the demonic.
  • To give a little more backstory, the definition of "Divine Magic" has largely been left to the Church, and the nobility has consulted with the Church when questions have arisen. There has also been a set number of observable types of magic/spells that have been seen, and that is largely what the Church looks for. Ultimately, though, it is left to the King and High Houses to decide legal cases and to distribute punishment. While it's possible that some of the Pentagram Branded may have theoretically been doing "magic", it is more likely that most were branded and banished to Portcross for "consorting with demons", which is always near impossible to prove oneself innocent of.
  • The Minervan Conclave (aka The Conclave) met in Greycastle. This a group of Wisdom-Path-followers working on conjunction with the nobility and The Academy of Blackmount. High Lord Adrian Firsprin chaired the meeting, and a Scholar from Blackmount was in attendance. I don't want to spoil everything, but The Conclave has interest in studying magic, and a very private belief that magic is more complex than the simple "divine or demonic" dichotomy. For more information what was discussed, go here: Blackmount
  • No one has magic that is not of the Divine or the Demonic. That has been the official stance of the Federation and remains the case today. That means that...
Doctor Fayth gained his magical powers from consorting with demons. If there is more to the story, no officials of the Church or Federation or Wardens has said so.
The mysterious figure known as "The Viscount" gained his magical powers from consorting with demons. See above.
The Academy of Blackmount does not "have magic". They are granted privilege to study magic, to study relics, to study books that still exist. They are overtly interested in magic. They have identified some Witchblooded people, they know about the Divine magic folk. But that's it.
People who have access to Cleric/Faith/White Magic are not mages, and do not "have magic". Their power comes from God (is the official stance of Blackmount and the Federation). Their power is safe. All the same, Blackmount is very curious about these individuals. Blackmount tends to recruit them or, at the very least, keep an eye on them. There are probably more than few Godtouched that have gone missing, time to time. Most importantly, should the Godtouched attempt to use their power in a way contrary to God/Their Path, they will lose it.
  • To recap: Divine Magic is not illegal. All other magic *is* illegal, as it is assumed to come from Demons. What does this mean for would-be mages studying the arcane? Well, that's the story that we're going to pick up in game.

I understand the above information may be confusing. It may be contrary to whatever you've been told. If you have any questions, please contact skew or Dukat.