Portcross Trading Company

From Dark Age Redemption

Full Name Portcross Trading Company
Status Active
Concept Excellence in all things
Leadership Shareholders
Location Continent
Recruiting Limited


The Portcross Trading Company began as a loose meeting of individuals bent on business. The Company accepts applicants to join its ranks of shareholders as it seeks to advance its agenda within across the Realm in compliance with guidance from the Federation.

Hooks and Goals

  • Establishing a continent-wide trade guild.
  • Establishing the premiere mercenary guild with specialties in acquisition.
  • Establishing a bastion of learning bent on truth.
  • Establishing a network of ships and restoring the Fleet.
  • Creating a path to redemption for those that have been branded or tossed aside.

Rumors and News

  • Plans are in motion to establish a ferry from Portcross to Greycastle's new harbor with the intention of stimulating trade and keeping the Steel Wardens properly supplied

Organization History

  • Established amongst the shareholders.



Ahlrada "Al"
Charismatic Man With No Past

Jane Reynolds

Jane Reynolds
Entrepreneurial Adventurer


Sell-Sword, Mercenary

The charter of the Portcross Trading Company is simple; the members, referred from here on out as the share-holders, oversee the operations of their particular specialties that span the gamut of skills. While the PTC is primarily known for excellent goods and rare materials, the Company has expanded its role into protection and acquisition markets. A unique aspect of the company is the way in which it conducts business; shareholders are able to present their goals during a share-holder meeting during which time the Company takes a vote on how to direct its resources in support of its goals. Furthermore, a lone voice of opposition can sometimes carry the day so long as they can present an alternate (and better) course of action that increases the company's power, prestige, or profit.